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The Trans-Siberian Travel Company (TSTC) specialises in offering well thought out, high quality, tried and tested Trans-Siberian rail tours and holidays. The epic Trans-Siberian railway adventure spans three countries and crosses two continents bringing some of the most remote parts of Russia, Mongolia and China right to the window of your comfortable train cabin. We feel this railway trip really is one of the great adventures left in travel and we look forward to using our expertise in arranging Trans-Siberian railway tours and holidays to ensure you have the best possible experience.




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The journey itself is reason enough to take the a Trans-Siberian railway tour travelling through the vast forests of Russia and the open steppe and desert of Mongolia before finishing in vast China, a destination in itself. Yet as an added attraction each terminus of the railroad has some of the world’s most impressive destinations. On top of this there are also many opportunities to stop off along the way with Lake Baikal, Ekaterinburg and Ger stays in the Mongolian grasslands being real highlights of many Trans-Siberian tours.


Today the trains themselves are safe, secure and have good comfort levels and all our tours are ABTA and ATOL protected for your peace of mind. The quality and variety of experience on offer is better than ever making now the time to take the greatest train journey on earth! We hope you enjoy exploring our Trans-Siberian tours which can start from Moscow, St Petersburg, Beijing or Vladivostok.


There are four places from which almost all Trans-Siberian holidays start from. The most popular of these is Moscow, a city that features in almost all trips. Many travellers also like to start from Russia’s cultural gem of St Petersburg, a magnificent city now only 4 hours from Moscow by fast “Sapsan” train. At the other end of the Trans-Mongolian route is Beijing, capital of China and home to some of this ancient country’s tourist highlights such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City. The final point a Trans-Siberian rail tour can start from is Vladivostok, an almost legendary port city in Russia’s Far East. There is no “best place” from which to start this rail adventure and we can arrange tours to start from any of these places.


There are, of course, direct trains that run the routes from Moscow to Vladivostok and Moscow to Beijing and vice versa. However, one of the joys of Trans-Siberian tours is the ability stopping off along the way. As well as breaking up the long train journeys this gives the traveller the unique chance to visit remote destinations that would never normally be feasible to visit as a single trip for most people. So, where are the popular places to stop?

By far the most popular two stops are the Siberian city of Irkutsk which is the access point along the
Trans-Siberian railway for Lake Baikal and Ulaanbaatar, the capital of remote and fantastic Mongolia. Irkutsk provides the quintessential Siberian experience of log houses, Russian banya (sauna) and delicious home-style food. There are several villages along the shore of Lake Baikal with the best option being just that bit too far to be a day trip.

A Mongolia stopover provides a truly special Trans-Siberian experience and is a real highlight of a Trans-Mongolian route. This is a land of Nomadic tradition and the open steppe and any Trans-Siberian holiday with a stop here should include time out on the grasslands with an overnight stay in a Ger.


For those with a bit more time there are several other stopover options to choose from along the Trans-Siberian railway. The most popular of these is the city of Ekaterinburg in the rolling Ural Mountains a day’s train ride out of Moscow. Full of history, this is where the Romanov’s met their end and Boris Yeltsin rose from. Kazan, the prosperous capital of Tatarstan offers up a fascinating mix of culture and Krasnoyarsk has superb Siberian scenery just outside of this pleasant city. Ulan Ude is the capital of Buryatia, a land where Russia meets the indigenous cultures of the Far East making for a fascinating blend.

Wherever you decide stop we hope that you enjoy exploring this website and we are here to help with any questions you may have. Please also don’t forget to browse our
Trans-Siberian Articles and latest news section for our musings about travelling through Russia, Mongolia and China by rail!

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February 2015 - Updated website! Yes, a new look for The Trans-Siberian Travel Company designed to be a much quicker, fresher and brighter experience which we hope is more user friendly helping you to find the information you need to plan and book your Trans-Siberian tour with us!

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