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Trans-Siberian Routes

Trans-Siberian Routes - Which Way and Why!!

When first exploring into the Trans Siberian railway, one of the first questions to ask yourself is which way to go. St Petersburg to Beijing or vice versa. So here are some things you might like to consider, depending on whom you are and what you like. We chose to go down to china. This was based on our lives and work being quite hectic and stressful. So for us the thought of a long flight followed by exploring china didn’t really give us the chance to wind down before all the excitement. However you might feel that going up to Moscow after the delights of China, gives you the chance to relax before going home. We also considered the slow time adjustment by coming down from Moscow through 8 time zones allowing us to arrive in China on local time.

Trans-Siberian and Managing Time Zones

We felt as we are used to travelling through time zones, we know that we could adapt back to UK time quite quickly. It is nonetheless worth considering that coming up from China gives you the chance to adapt back to UK time although you still have a 4 hours difference in Russia. This is easier if you have work the next day. Another thing to think about is when to go. We went in February because we have never really been bothered about the hot sun. Going at this time of year we got to see the beautiful winter scenery from the glistening snow on trees to the grasslands of Mongolia and China.

What the Trans-Siberian Railway Teaches You About Yourself

While reading and researching can help greatly with preparing yourself for this trip of a life time, it is not until you are on board that the full impact hits you in both good and bad ways. This of course is because few of the trains are the same; you never know who your travelling companions will be and most importantly who you are. This is just one of the interesting characteristics of being on the Trans-Siberian railway. In undertaking this adventure, you have already put yourself in a small class of people in the world who are diverse enough to grasp life and enjoy it. You know your going to be on a train and not in a hotel, so with this in mind you have to take every step of this journey as it comes. It will be as individual as you are.

Article written by Louisa Howard and originally posted by Headseast: 23rd April 2014

This is the second in a series of 5 articles written by guest blogger Louisa Howard who recently completed a Trans-Siberian tour with us from Moscow to Shanghai via the Trans-Mongolian, Beijing and Xian.

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