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Trans-Siberian trips that don’t visit China

Moscow to Vladivostok - The True Trans-Siberian

Most people are familiar with the Trans Mongolian railway which crosses through Russia and into China via Mongolia. However, most people aren’t aware of another railway line called the trans Siberian which crosses the entire length of Russia.

At 9289km (5772 miles), this is the longest railway in the world. So long, it crosses 8 time zones and takes 8 days to complete without stops. Longer than the Great Wall of China, the Trans Siberian railway is a must do for rail lovers who want to tackle one of the most iconic rail journeys in the world.

Crossing forests, the deepest lake in the world, a 2km long tunnel, 87 cities & towns and 16 rivers the scenery on this route is rich and varied with many points of interest along the way and at the many stops possible along the route. It is also one of the few iconic rail journeys where the journey is equally stunning (if not more so), during winter.

Trans-Siberian route only requires a Russian visa

The benefit of doing this rail route is that you only need to get a Russian Visa instead of 3 visas when doing a Trans Mongolian trip. It also completely avoids China.

Whether you’re looking for a short 10-15 day tour or a longer, more in depth tour the possibilities are endless. You can read more about the destinations along the Trans Siberian by clicking here.

Private and Luxury Trains Running the Moscow to Vladivostok Route

Private luxury trains are extremely popular along the Trans Siberian. Journeys such as the Imperial Russia and Golden Eagle trains are amongst some of the most luxurious train journey’s in the world. Boasting impeccable service, delicious world class food, luxurious suites and private en suite bathrooms (except for Imperial Russias lowest cabin category) these journeys are perfect for those who love to travel in style!

These trains are extremely popular and tend to be fully booked 6 months before departure so early booking is essential to guarantee your preferred cabin class and date of departure. Our advisers are extremely knowledgable on these journeys having travelled on many of them and can answer any questions you may have.

Trans-Siberian Westbound from Vladivostok

Of course, the public trains are equally as popular as these are the trains used by local Russians and offer a unique insight into local life. Whilst no where near as luxurious as the private luxury trains , many of them come with first class which can be very comfortable and offer you a lot more flexibility in terms of starting dates and the amount of time you can spend in each place.

View our tours starting from Vladivostok.

Whatever your requirements, our advisors are available to talk you through the options and answer any questions you may have. Click here to contact us.

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