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Tsars Gold Trans-Siberian

Tours on the Tsars Gold Private Trans-Siberian Train

The vast majority of Trans-Siberian Tours taken and offered on this website use the myriad of scheduled trains that serve destinations along all three main Trans-Siberian routes across Russian and on into Mongolia and China. These are trains that run to fixed and regular schedules and are not designed to be tourist trains – they are mainly used by local people simply to get from A to B across this vast country.

However, there are some options for those wanting a private train designed solely for tourists to take as part of a group organised program along the popular Trans-Mongolia route from Moscow to Beijing and vice versa. The most popular of these is called the Tsars Gold Private Train. This train has departures from Moscow and Beijing throughout the summer months and is designed solely as a tourist trip with stops along the way at the most popular tourist destinations along this route.

About the Tsars Gold Train

The train itself is made up of different cabin classes from the relatively standard shared 4 berth cabins to very comfortable and well fitted out 2 berth cabins with ensuite facilities so there are berths available for a wide range of budgets. There are several dining cars and bars on the train and most meals are taken on the train itself as well as almost all nights accommodation outside of Beijing and Moscow (the trips do have nights in an hotel in Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar along the way as well).

Tsars Gold Train Itinerary

The train stops at a wide range of stops, usually for less than a day at each one which is enough time to have a city tour of the highlights of that particular destination before continuing by rail to the next stop. Destinations served are Moscow, Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Ulan Ude, Ulaanbaatar and Beijing. All these are covered in around 15 days making this a fantastic way to experience the variety a Trans-Siberian rail trip offers the traveller and all done in a very time efficient manner.

Advantages and Disadvantages of This Type of Trip

There are many advantages to a rail trip like this. Not least is the level of comfort and on board facilities are higher than on the scheduled train services – if you need a shower as a minimum then this is a trip well worth considering! The trip also packs in a lot in just 15 days. You will be travelling with like minded people and, although safety isn’t really an issue these days on the Trans-Siberian the private train is probably even more secure than scheduled options as everyone on board is either a tourist or a staff member. The only real disadvantages with such a trip is that you are, to an extent, separated from the local people and as this is a group tour with a fixed itinerary it cannot be tailored.

Beyond the Tsars Gold

The standard trips are from Moscow to Beijing and Beijing to Moscow but we can also add in time in St Petersburg and the Golden Ring before or after a trip as well extensions in China and Tibet from just a few days to more extensive trips throughout the country.

Click here to learn much more about the Tsars Gold Private Trans-Siberian Train or just contact us for more details.

Article originally posted by Phil Stanley: 3rd February 2014

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