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Yangtze River Travel Guide

Yangtze River Overview

The world’s third longest river, the longest in Asia and the longest continuous river in a single country, the Yangtze River has long been at the heart of the Middle Kingdom’s evolution and that of it’s people. Along with the Yellow River it has been the lifeblood of the country since the dawn of civilisation and continues to be through the immense Three Gorges Dam project that has broken countless records. You’ll get to stop off at several points on the cruise including the chance to see the dam up close.

Best Months to Visit the Yangtze River

when to go Yangtze

Best Reason to Visit the Yangtze River

For many a Yangtze River Cruise is one of the highlights of China. The cruise ships are comfortable and there are several shore excursions allowing you time off the ships.

Top Sights along the Yangtze River

 Chongqing is the start of the trip and worth a quick look to see what is claimed to be the world’s largest city, population 33 million and counting!

 Fengdu Ghost City, reputedly where the devil lives and a common shore excursion on a river cruise.

 Shibaozhai traditional cliff top town.

 Shennong Stream takes you off the main river and up a quiet tributary flanked by lushly vegetated cliffs where you may spot traditional suspended coffins.

 The Three Gorges Dam project is the world’s largest and perhaps most controversial but at the same time a breathtaking sight. Cruising through the 5 giant locks has added a modern twist to this timeless cruise.

Weather Averages for the Yangtze River

climate chart Yangtze

Top Yangtze River Travel Tip from TSTC

The cruise can be taken up or down river with the minimum number of nights being 3 and the whole trip from Chongqing to Shanghai 8 days although most cruises are 3 nights finishing in Yichang.

TSTC's Yangtze River Cruise Ship Recommendations

We book cruise ships from a range of companies including President and the Victoria lines usually focusing on their 5* ships which maintain good standards.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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