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Mongolia Highlights

Gobi Desert

mongolia highlight gobi

The largest desert in Asia, the Gobi covers large areas of Southern Mongolia and Northern China. The best opportunities for travel lie in the Mongolian section with week long trips either by jeep or camel being the ultimate way to discover this inspiring and largely untouched part of Asia. There’s more to the Gobi than just sand dunes with opportunities to get a look at the dinosaur bones, unusual rock formations and the unique wildlife that manages to survive here. There are also opportunities to meet some of the nomads who still manage to live in this most harsh of environments.

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mongolia highlight karakorum

Karakorum was initially the capital city of the 13th Century Mongol Empire, before Kublai Khan moved it to modern day Beijing. Tribal warfare saw the city’s abandonment and it’s prominence in history fade away over the following centuries. Nowadays you are likely to visit the Karakorum more as part of a journey but there is still plenty to see here such as the Erdene Zuu Monastery, which has been destroyed several times in it’s history but has been rebuilt out of the once ruined city.

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mongolia highlight khentii

Found in the rolling hills and grasslands of Mongolia, Khentii province is located North East of Ulaanbaatar. Nomadic herders and small ger camps are sprinkled amongst the rivers and woodlands that are set in the lush grasslands. The province was the birthplace of Mongolia’s most famous son – Chinggis Khan. He was brought up here and united the local tribes before his rise to conqueror of the known world. A trip here gives you an opportunity to take in beautiful landscapes while learning of the amazing history of the country and it’s nomadic people.

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Lake Khuvsgul

mongolia highlight khuvsgul

Found in the far North West of Mongolia, Lake Khuvsgul is located near the border with Russia. At 136km long and 262m deep, Lake Khuvsgul holds 70% of Mongolia’s freshwater. At over 2 million years old, it is one of the earths 17 ancient lakes and is regarded as the second most unspoiled. This is a land of shamanic ritual, reindeer herders and any visit to this mountainous region is likely to be an experience that lives long in the memory.

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mongolia highlight ulaanbataar

Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar is home to a staggering third of it’s entire population.  This has been driven by a huge industrial boom over the past decade, mainly in the mining industry. Not to everyone’s taste, Ulaanbaatar has become a city of skyscrapers and pollution but is not totally without charm. Most people will spend little time here and head straight out into the surrounding countryside where Mongolia comes into his own with ger camps and a way of life that has changed little over the centuries.

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