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Khentii Travel Guide

Khentii Overview

Khentii province North East of Ulaanbaatar is a lush land of nomadic herders and small ger camps set amid rolling hills, grasslands, rivers and woodland. The province was also the birth place of that most famous of Mongolians, Chinggis Khan, who was brought up here uniting the local tribes before setting off to conquer much of the known world. A jeep trek in this province makes for an unforgettable adventure of interest to both lovers of landscape and history and the nomadic culture.

Best Months to Visit Khentii

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Best Reason to Visit Khentii

Khentii province is the place for a classic Mongolian jeep adventure through a land steeped in the history of Chinggis Khan with sights set amongst some of Mongolia’s best scenery.

Top Sights in Khentii

 Follow the trail of Chinggis Khan who was from this area and spent his early years uniting the tribes of the region before launching his campaigns across Asia. There are many spots that have legends of the great Khan here even if his nomadic ways have left few concrete remains.

 Enjoy the lush grasslands, fish the fast flowing rivers and get a taste of the great Russian forests up near the border at Dadal.

 Khentii is a great place to experience the nomadic way of life in the grasslands with the regions rich grazing.

 Spot some of the wildlife of this region including its camels looking slightly out of place in the lush landscape.

Weather Averages for Khentii

climate chart Kentii

Top Khentii Travel Tip from TSTC

Khentii province is one of the best areas of Mongolia for fishing in rivers barely touched by line or bait with local Mongolians showing very little interest in fishing. Anglers should bring their own equipment and fishing time can be built into any itinerary.

TSTC's Accommodation in Khentii

The only accommodation options as you travel through Khentii Province are Mongolian Gers. These are set in camps designed for tourists and are a comfortable and authentic experience that is often a highlight of a Trans-Siberian trip. Click here to learn more about Mongolian Gers.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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