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Lake Khuvsgul Travel Guide

Lake Khuvsgul Overview

Up in the North West corner of Mongolia near the border with Russia, Lake Khuvsgul is 136 km long and 262 meters deep and holds 70% of Mongolia fresh water. It is one of the world’s seventeen ancient lakes which are defined by being over 2 million years old and is considered the second most pristine. Surrounded by mountain ranges in land of reindeer herders and shamanic rituals a trip here is a truly unforgettable experience made by few despite this being one of the highlights of Mongolia.

Best Months to Visit Lake Khuvsgul

when to go Khuvsgul

Best Reason to Visit Lake Khuvsgul

A spectacular region of Mongolia and without doubt a trip of a lifetime. This area is wild and stunningly beautiful and, crucially, different to many other areas making for a rewarding trip.

Top Sights at Lake Khuvsgul

 The lake itself is the main sight and what a beautiful lake this is. You will undoubtedly spend a few days at one of the ger camps located at the southwest corner of the lake.

 Hike the forests that rise from the lakeshore and where you may come across the nomadic reindeer herders who inhabit the region up to and beyond the Russian border.

 It is possible to fish the lake and rivers but a permit is required and should be obtained by your tour operator.

 Brave this region in winter for the ice festival held on the frozen lake and featuring all sorts of winter activities including sleigh races and ice fishing.

Weather Averages for Lake Khuvsgul

climate chart Khuvsgul

Top Lake Khuvsgul Travel Tip from TSTC

One of the most interesting times to visit the lake area is in February when the lake is frozen and hosts the Khuvsgul ice festival focused on winter sports such as ice fishing, horse sleigh racing, skating and skiing. Bring your thermals though!

TSTC's Accommodation at Lake Khuvsgul

The only accommodation options up at the lake are Mongolian Gers. These are camps designed for tourists and are a comfortable and authentic experience and ideal for the surroundings of Khuvsgul. Click here to learn more about Mongolian Gers.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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