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Transport In Mongolia

Most travel inside of Mongolia will be by jeep, either the classic Russian jeeps or Toyota Land Cruisers. These are both reliable and are able to deal with the often harsh road conditions (or lack of roads) which many tours that venture outside of Ulaanbaatar will encounter.

If time is short and distances long there are some internal flights inside Mongolia that can cut down travel time. However, demand for tickets in the tourist season is high and delays are common.

For those with a sense of adventure and a lot of time on their hands you can always buy your own horse and camel and head for the sunset!

Getting There By Train

On our tours the vast majority of people will arrive by train either from Moscow or Irkutsk if heading East or from Beijing if heading Westwards. There are several train options from Moscow and Irkutsk and one train a week that can be reliably booked that travels from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing and vice versa.

The weekly Beijing-Ulaanbaatar-Beijing train route 23 / 24 is in real high demand in summer, even when an extra train is laid on as happens some years. Booking as far in advance as possible is advised, especially for first class travel.

Getting To & From Mongolia By plane

The most practical air route into Mongolia is via Beijing from where there are flights almost every day. There also frequent flights from Seoul and Tokyo and less frequent flights from Moscow and Berlin.

Most years there are more seasonal flights from Ulan Ude, Irkutsk, Hong Kong and Shanghai as well as further afield from Istanbul and Singapore. If you are interested in flying into Mongolia just ask us for more details and up to date schedules.


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