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Russia & The Trans-Siberian

Russia is the world’s largest country spanning nine time zones and the the continents of Europe and Asia. This is very lucky for us as it also provides the intrepid traveller and rail enthusiast with the longest single train ride in the world – the original Trans-Siberian route from Moscow to the port city of Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East.

A large proportion of any Trans-Siberian tour is going to be spent in Russia and despite most trips also visiting Mongolia and China the spirit and character of this epic rail journey is very Russian in nature. From the cultural and economic powerhouses of Western Russia to a small village on the shore of Lake Baikal such as Bolshoe Goloustnoe the traveller is never left in any doubt that they are in Mother Russia.

Russia's Wide variety of travel experiences

Russia offers a wide variety of travel experiences from world class opera and ballet in Moscow and St Petersburg to the pristine wilderness found outside Krasnoyarsk and in the Republic of Tuva. The distinctive architecture of Russia is perhaps best seen in a few days along the Golden Ring Route whilst for the adventurous there is trekking in the Ural mountains outside of Ekaterinburg or along the shores of Lake Baikal.

It is the Trans-Siberian railway that links all these experiences together. With the longest route being 9,258 km much of the Russia you will see is from a train window and train travel is the only real way to fully appreciate the vastness of the country.

The Trans-Siberian Travel Company can arrange a wide range of stopovers along the route and we strongly recommend viewing our Russian tours section to get some ideas as to what we can arrange. We are more than happy to tailor make a trip for you that meets your specific requirements or special interests.


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