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Perm Travel Guide

Perm Overview

Known for Dr Zhivago, modern day Perm has fast reinvented itself as a cultural centre with some interesting museums and galleries amongst the soviet architecture. The real and contrasting highlights are found outside of the city. Perm 36 was a grim Gulag that has been preserved as a memorial museum dedicated to the victims of political oppression. The Kungur Ice Cave is a highlight for many with permanent ice formations and frozen waterfalls amongst the 1.5 km network of caves. A taste of winter even at the height of summer!

Best Months to Visit Perm

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Best Reason to Visit Perm

Although Perm is often overlooked in favour of Ekaterinburg it makes for an interesting stop with the Gulag of Perm 36 and the Kungur Ice Cave being the main attractions.

Top Sights in Perm

 PERMM – Perm Contemporary Art Museum is the epicentre of the contemporary art scene the city is becoming known for.

 The Perm State Art Gallery is for more traditional works of art and has one of Russia’s largest collections.

 The Motovilikha Open-Air Museum has a large range of weapons of war from tanks to mobile scud launchers and ballistic missiles.

 The Kungur Ice Cave is a huge cave system and the only one in Russia equipped to receive tourists. It is famous for it’s ice features as the temperature even in summer is cold enough underground to prevent the waterfalls and giant icicles melting.

 Perm 36 – The Gulag Museum is a preserved Soviet political prison kept as a reminder of repression and which is now used to promote democratic values.

Weather Averages for Perm

climate chart Perm

Top Perm Travel Tip from TSTC

Perm’s highlight of the Kungur Ice Cave can also be visited from relatively nearby Ekaterinburg (although it is a longer journey) which tends to be a more popular Trans-Siberian stopover with more on offer and better transport connections.

TSTC's Hand Picked Hotels in Perm

We recommend the Ural Hotel in Perm but for those looking for the best the city has to offer there is the Hilton Garden Inn to consider.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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