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Suzdal Travel Guide

Suzdal Overview

Suzdal is a small town of just 13,000 people with a disproportionate amount of history to show for it. It is stunningly untouched by the modern world largely due to being planned as a tourist city in the Soviet era which prevented any new buildings being constructed. The modern day visitor reaps the benefit of this as there are many examples of early Russian architecture in a setting that must be little changed over the centuries. Suzdal is not a stop on the Trans-Siberian but is on Golden Ring itineraries.

Best Months to Visit Suzdal

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Best Reason to Visit Suzdal

Suzdal is one of Russia best preserved towns with a mix of architecture and countryside which gives it much charm and a must for those wanting to explore more of European Russia.

Top Sights in Suzdal

 Monastery of the Deposition – founded in 1207 and contains an impressive 72m high bell tower although much of the rest of the site is run down.

 Saviour Monastery of St Euthymius – impressive complex with large stone walls and towers and part funded by Ivan the Terrible.

 Museum of Wooden Architecture – worth a look for the beautiful Transfiguration Church but also contains lots of less grand log houses.

 Intercession Convent – famous for the story of Vasily III wife who was sent here for her supposed infertility.

 Suzdal History Exhibition – Interesting collection including the original 13th century door from the Cathedral.

 Alexandrovsky Convent – Simple but beautiful white building founded for the women who’s husbands had been killed by nomadic raiders.

 Mead Tasting Hall – too many churches – try the honey ale served here and drunk by the nobility.

 Resurrection Church – It is possible to climb to the top of the bell tower for some of the best views over this ancient town.

 Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery – large complex containing 10 museums including one for the GULAGS. The monastery is one of the best preserved in Suzdal.

 Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral – Lavish and overlooking the central market.

 Emperor Constantine Church – five domed and a working church rather than preserved museum.

 St Lazurus Church – Unusual multi coloured bell tower makes this church stand out.

Weather Averages for Suzdal

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Top Suzdal Travel Tip from TSTC

Suzdal is usually visited as part of a more extensive tour of the Golden Ring cities which is a more interesting and leisurely alternative way of getting between Moscow to St Petersburg than the usual direct train.

TSTC's Hand Picked Hotels in Suzdal

Our pick is the Pushkarskaya Sloboda Hotel which has good standards and location.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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