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Ulan Ude Travel Guide

Ulan Ude Overview

Ulan Ude is capital of the republic of Buryatia and is one of the few Russian cities that has a slightly Asian feel to it due to it’s proximity to Mongolia and traditional importance as a trading settlement between Russia, Mongolia and China. Famed for having the largest Lenin head in the world the chief attractions are found outside of the city including the Ivolginsky Datsan, a beautiful buddhist monastery. They city itself is friendly and makes for a pleasant, relaxed stop for those not rushing to or from Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar.

Best Months to Visit Ulan Ude

when to go Ulan Ude

Best Reason to Visit Ulan Ude

For those on an extended trip Ulan Ude is a popular stopover although we feel it should be at the expense of time spent in Mongolia or Irkutsk which have more to offer the traveller.

Top Sights in Ulan Ude

 Lenin – At least his head in sculpture and the world’s largest Lenin head for what it is worth. Located in the city’s main square.

 Merchant Houses – Along the banks of the Uda River are old mansions that belonged to merchants in the pre-Soviet period.

 Lenin Street – Ulan Ude’s version of Moscow’s Arbat and the best place to soak up the city’s atmosphere.

 Odigitrievsky Cathedral – Was Ulan Ude’s first stone building constructed in 1741.

 Rimpoche Bagsha – A new Buddhist temple that also offers a panoramic view of the city.

 Visit one of the few remaining settlements of the Old Believers.

 Ivolginsky Datsan – Located 23km outside of the city yet one of the main draws in the area this beautiful temple also lets you experience the countryside of Buryatia as well.

 Ethnographic Museum – Learn all about the Buryats and Buryatia at this large complex which includes reconstructed streets and traditional homes.

 History Museum – Covers the last 400 years of Buryat history.

 Fine Art Museum – Covers the local specialities including traditional Buryat paintings, Buddhist Thankas and horse hair tapestry.

Weather Averages for Ulan Ude

climate chart Ulan Ude

Top Ulan Ude Travel Tip from TSTC

Long an important stop between Irkutsk and Ulaanbaatar there are plenty of trains to choose from to make an Ulan Ude stopover.

TSTC's Hand Picked Hotels in Ulan Ude

Ulan Ude has a very poor selection of hotels so we usually recommend a home stay here which provides decent accommodation as well as a superb cultural experience. If you do prefer a hotel the Mergan Bator Hotel is about the best option.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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