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Vladimir Travel Guide

Vladimir Overview

Vladimir is the gateway to a visit to Suzdal but deserves to be a destination in its own right as the city has some of the best preserved white-stoned medieval architecture in Russia. The city was founded in 1108 and was important in the 12th and 13th Centuries before the Mongols turned up causing a decline it never really recovered from as power and wealth transferred to Moscow. There is much of historical interest to see in Vladimir and the centre is quite untouched against the industrial suburbs.

Best Months to Visit Vladimir

when to go Vladimir

Best Reason to Visit Vladimir

Vladimir should be on the list for anyone with a keen interest in Russian history and architecture and is usually visited as part of a more extensive tour of the Golden Ring cities.

Top Sights in Vladimir

 Cathedral of the Assumption – arguably Vladimir’s top draw this is one of the most important churches in Russia and houses some original 12th century frescos. Modelled on St Sophia’s Cathedral in Kiev.

 Cathedral of St Demetrius – Also dating from the 12th Century and contains some fine stone carvings depicting the life of King David.

 Golden Gate – The original entrance to the walled city and the only surviving of the 5 gates it was built in 1158.

 Nativity Monastery – The remaining stone walls and towers date back to the 18th Century although the monastery was founded in the 12th century.

 Cathedral of the Assumption (Princess convent) – Contains some fine frescoes from the 17th Century.

 City Museum – For those with a deeper interest in long history of Vladimir.

 Church of our Lady of the Rosary – Neo-Gothic in style and under the supervision of the Catholic Church.

 Church of St Michael the Archangel – Beautiful church dark red in colour and of the neo-Byzantine style.

Weather Averages for Vladimir

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Top Vladimir Travel Tip from TSTC

Vladimir is almost always visited in conjunction with Suzdal which is just 25km to the north. Both these destinations are visited as part of a Golden Ring trip rather than as a stopover on the Trans-Siberian.

TSTC's Hand Picked Hotels in Vladimir

It is rare that people overnight in Vladimir as most will push on to either Suzdal or Moscow where there is a better selection of hotels.

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By Phil Stanley & Headseast – TCTC Destination Expert.

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