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Russian Money & Costs

Russia’s currency is called the Rouble which comes in 5000, 1000, 500, 100, 50 and 10 notes. Each Rouble is further split into 100 Kopeks which are coins. There are plentiful ATMs in Russia’s main cities and most Russian towns and cities have exchange booths, particularly close to tourist sights, where you can change cash notes of most major currencies to Roubles. Many hotels also have automated exchange booths in the lobby. It is important that your cash notes are in excellent condition or exchange may be refused. Some booths will ask to see your passport. If heading to more remote parts of Russia or into the countryside make sure you stock up on Roubles in advance to take with you.

Costs Of Travel In Russia & Tipping

Russia is an expensive country to visit and big cities like Moscow and St Petersburg are as expensive if not more so than their western counterparts. We recommend at least £ 50 per day per person but less if on the trains or pre-booked countryside trips.

Tipping has become more widespread in Russia but it isn’t as expected (yet) as it is in China or Mongolia. However, it is very much appreciated and Russian guides are often very good and exceptionally knowledgable. If you feel the service warrants a tip a rough guide as to how much to give comes down to £ 10 to the guide and £ 5 the driver per day.


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