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Transport In Russia

Visiting such a large country as Russia means that to see any of it, how you get around is going to be an important factor in your travel planning. Below is some guidance on the various options with perhaps a slight bias towards the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The Trans-Siberian Trains

We think that by far the best way to get around Russia is by train and, of course, that means incorporating the Trans-Siberian railway into your tour and you can learn more about this by clicking here. The railway makes most places you would wish to visit accessible and the trains run frequently and to a good standard. With the Trans-Siberian it is as much about the journey itself as your arrival at your destination. Such a tour does require a good amount of advance planning though and can’t really be entered in upon on a whim. You will find most of what you need to know on this website and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

Private Trans-Siberian Trains

If you are looking for more luxury than the scheduled Trans-Siberian trains can provide you may want to consider travelling by private train of which there are several options that run as group tours on fixed date departures. The most luxurious of these is the Golden Eagle train that runs routes from Moscow to Vladivostok and Moscow to Ulaanbaatar and on this train all cabins have ensuite facilities. Another option is the Tsars Gold private train which runs the Moscow to Beijing route. It has standards somewhere between the scheduled train and the Golden Eagle with a variety of classes available.

Internal Flights In Russia

It is possible to fly to a wide range of towns and cities inside Russia and this method of getting about is generally preferred by Russian people who do not have the time to take the train. Some of the flights are effectively long haul such as the Moscow to Vladivostok route. These days Russian airlines have a good safety record although in flight service and entertainment can be somewhat sparse. If you do not have time for a full Tans-Siberian trip it is possible to fly sections of the route. We generally prefer airlines such as S7, Aeroflot and Rossiya when flying internally.

Boats & Cruises in Russia

During the summer months cruising the Volga river from St Petersburg to Moscow is now very popular and a great way to not only link these two cities together but also to get a feel of the less well known parts of Russia in between. Longer Cruises are also possible continuing south along the Volga and arriving in Russia by boat is also a popular option – mainly to St Petersburg.

Getting To & From Russia

Most people visiting Russia will arrive by plane from Europe of the USA and direct flights in to Moscow and St Petersburg are readily available on a range of Russian and national airlines as well as budget airlines such as EasyJet who now fly into Moscow from several UK airports. Routes can fill up quickly though, especially to St Petersburg during the summer months, and it pays to book as far in advance as possible. At the other end of Russia, Vladivostok has good connections to the major cities in North East Asia from where it is possible to continue further afield.


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