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When To Go To Russia

Russia is a vast country spanning 7 time zones and 2 continents. However, for the majority of places normally visited in Russia the description of the climate and best and worst times to travel are the same. In general, most visitors come in the summer and early autumn. Winter is for the hardy but can be very rewarding. Perhaps the worst time is during the thaw at the end of March which can be a bit messy.

Best Time To Visit Russia

The majority of people visit Russia from May to September. During this time you can expect reasonable weather – usually not any worse than in the UK and sometimes better. The height of summer in July and August can actually be surprisingly hot. If we had to pick a perfect time to travel we would probably choose late August into early September as the weather is still good but the hint of autumn and the winter to come in the often spectacular autumn colours across Siberia means the countryside is looking its best. For those not too worried about the cold January or February are great times to visit with Siberia looking crisp and white.

When To Avoid Russia

The worst time to travel is late winter into early spring when all the snow and ice is melting, everywhere is slippery and muddy and many of the more seasonal tourist options are not running yet. For most of Russia this would be mid-March to mid-April although this varies from year to year. Early winter, that would be late October to early December, can also be a poor time to travel as it feels like winter yet often won’t have all the benefits of winter travel running yet due to lack of snow.

Russia In The Winter

For a minority of people including us Russia looks at its best in the depths of winter with snow draping the Onion Domes of the churches, lakes frozen and the vast Siberian forests laying silent. Winter doesn’t really set in until mid-December and the best months for travel are January into February when the days are lengthening the weather is usually quite stable. Although it is certainly very cold the trains and hotels are very warm and if you dress correctly you shouldn’t have any real issues with the subzero temperatures.

Climate Chart For Moscow

russia climate map moscow

Climate Chart For Irkutsk

russia climate map Irkutsk

Climate Chart For Vladivostok

russia climate map vladivostok


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