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The Trans-Siberian & Accommodation

Making the right accommodation selection for your trip is vital to ensure the trip goes smoothly and choosing wisely will really enhance the overall enjoyment of your trip.

We prioritize location wherever possible along with accommodation that has a character unique to its region. Below are the broad styles we offer and recommend so take advantage of the many days we spend each year checking out the accommodation we use on our trips!


Hotels in the Cities

We aim to combine location with both character and value which can be a challenge in Russian cities where hotels are often very expensive even by European standards. This is much less of a issue in China where there is a good range of modern western style, boutique and traditional style hotels.

In the mega cities of Moscow and Beijing hotel location is very important if you want to get the most out of your trip as your are unlikely to have as much time as you need to see even the main sights. Consequently we put particular emphasis on location in the larger cities.

Siberian Home Stays & Guesthouses

A particular highlight around Lake Baikal where our tours will usually get you out into the beautiful villages along the lake shore most of which have limited or no conventional hotel accommodation.

The home stays and guesthouses are often in traditional, wooden Siberian style cottages and are warm and cosy. Toilet facilities are usually in separate out-buildings as is the tradition and there is of course the essential sauna (known as a “banya” in Russian) experience for washing. To top it off you will have plenty of traditional home cooked food.

Clients often feel this is one of the highlights of the trip but if you feel you would prefer a bit more comfort and convenience please just ask as we can usually find an option for you.

Mongolian Ger Camps

A real highlight of a Trans-Siberian tour is the chance to stay in traditional Mongolian Gers which also happen to be about the only accommodation option outside of Ulaanbaatar. The ger camps are set up for tourists and are comfortable  with a standard ger having 4 beds set around a central stove. Toilets and showers are in out buildings as is the tradition. Gers are superbly practical – cool in the summer and toasty warm in the winter and there are few better Trans-Sib experiences than having the steppe literally on your door step!

Chinese Courtyard Hotels

China has an increasing number of beautiful traditional style hotels in the 3 to 4* bracket and these are well worth considering for the start or end of your Trans-Mongolian trip particularly during the April to October season when Beijing is nice and warm and you can take advantage of being able to sit out in a quiet courtyard.

Courtyard hotels come in a range of budgets and comfort levels from expensive boutique style options with only a handful of rooms to more budget and basic affairs. There are plenty of more mid-range options though so something for everyone.


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