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Trans-Siberian Travel Experiences

Being undoubtedly one of the world’s great travel experiences in itself it is not surprising that a ride on the Trans-Siberian railway delivers a wide range of fantastic experiences many of which are unique to this particular trip. Different people will come away with different memories of the trip yet from our own adventures we know that you are highly likely to experience all the below to some degree.

The Trans-Siberian Trains

trans-siberian experiences trains

The main reason for any Trans-Siberian trip, what better way to appreciate and  experience the transition from one continent to the next by way of stunning scenery, fantastically differing cultures and warm friendly people.

Urban Buzz

trans-siberian experiences urban buzz

At opposite ends of the Trans-Mongolian line, Moscow and Beijing are both vibrant world cities thrusting their way into the 21st Century yet with one eye on the past providing fans of megalopolises with a fascinating urban experience.

Astonishing & Varied Architecture

trans-siberian experiences architecture

The Trans-Siberian offers fantastic architectural variety from the European architecture of St Petersburg, onion domes of Moscow, traditional wooden cabins of Siberia, practical simplicity of Mongolian gers to the power and pomp of imperial China.

Delicious Food

trans-siberian experiences food

Well, even we have to admit that Russia and Mongolia are not particularly known for their cuisine although they both have their moments. China, in contrast, is a culinary delight and Beijing probably offers the best all round experience in China for foodies!

Remote & Breathtaking Scenery

The vastness of Russia can only really be appreciated by train and you will pass through some stunning scenery, particularly around lake Baikal. Mongolia personifies remote whether it be the grasslands and mountains of the north or deserts of the south.

Friendly People You Meet Along the Way

trans-siberian experiences people

Whether it is the extraordinary hospitality of the Mongolia’s nomads or breaking the ice with a few vodkas in Russia or the surprising little kindnesses in hugely populous China the people you meet along the way are an important part of the Trans-Siberian.

Rural Siberian Hospitality

trans-siberian experiences siberian hospitality

One of the highlights of a Trans-Siberian trip is to experience a home stay in a traditional Siberian village where the pace of life is far removed from the cities. A warm and friendly welcome and delicious homemade food are just part of the experience.

Mongolia's Open Steppe

trans-siberian experiences mongolia

A once in a lifetime destination for many the vast open steppe and endless skies of Mongolia are a relaxing and yet exhilarating experience which will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed and, like so many, longing to return.

The Endless Travel Possibilities in China

trans-siberian experiences china

China is a lifetime of travel in itself and the possibilities and travel experiences both in and beyond Beijing are deserve their own space. Thankfully we have that at our sister website “The China Travel Company.” Click here to begin your China experience.


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