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TS-B-BT-04 Ultimate Trans-Mongolian


26 nights from UK £ 5,675 per person

*Price based on 2 people travelling in a shared 4 berth second class cabin. Upgrade to your own cabin from UK £ 760 per person. These prices are based on 2020 rates and are here to give guidance. Final quotes vary by date, exchange rates and are subject to availability.
Please note this is a private tour - not a group tour.

This in-depth, indeed ultimate, Trans-Mongolian trip covers a superb variety of stops.

From BEIJING you first visit the rugged EAST GOBI DESERT before a stay outside of ULAANBAATAR in the grasslands.
Train on to ULAN UDE, a meeting point of cultures before time spent at OLKHON ISLAND near IRKUTSK. Next stop is KRASNOYARSK before reaching EKATERINBURG full of history, then PERM and a final train ride MOSCOW.

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Route Map & Destinations Visited

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Day by Day Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival Beijing

Arrival Beijing With Time to Relax at the Hotel

Welcome to Beijing, China’s cultural and political capital and a real highlight with it’s extraordinary blend of ancient and modern sights. Your guide will greet you at the airport with a transfer by private car to your hotel. The rest of the day is free to relax from the long flight or start to explore the city with the help of your personalised and exclusive Trip Guidebook we send you before the trip. The area around your centrally located hotel is perfect for an introductory walk.

Meals Included: None today.

BEIJING – 北京 – The capital of China is also one of it’s premiere attractions. Beijing has a wealth of historical sites and you will see the best of these during your time here including the Forbidden City and Great Wall. Mixed in amongst this history is a modern and exciting city with some of the best cuisine in China, a vibrant culture with one foot in the past and the other firmly striding into the future. If you are looking to see more of this huge country click here to visit our China tours section.

Day 2 - Beijing

Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City & Summer Palace

Today you will see the main highlights of Beijing starting with the Temple of Heaven, considered by many to be the most beautiful building in China. On to vast Tiananmen Square, home to the Mao Mausoleum (it may be possible to visit if open) and Monument to the People’s Heroes before walking to the huge palace complex of the Forbidden City. We’ll walk up the middle axis from South to North taking in the splendour of the most important central buildings before finishing in a small and ancient garden by the north gate.

The last stop today is at the Summer Palace to the west of Beijing. Dominated by Kunming lake it is as popular an escape from the city for todays Beijingers as it was for the Imperial court over the centuries.

Return to your hotel with the rest of the evening free or just ask us for suggestions of shows or cultural activities.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast & Restaurant Lunch.

Day 3 - Beijing

Trekking Along a Wild & Spectacular Section of the Great Wall

For the active and energetic, one of the best ways to see the Great Wall is to walk it and with nearly 4,000 miles of actual wall we need to be selective! The most scenic section to trek within reach of Beijing is at Jinshanling. The trek involves about 6km of walking along the wall itself which averages 4 hours. This is the best way to see and absorb yourself in China’s best known sight, get some superb photos and avoid the tourist crowds.

Return to your hotel with the rest of the evening free or just ask us for suggestions of shows or cultural activities.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast & Restaurant Lunch.

Day 4 - Depart Beijing

Train Journey Up to the China Mongolia Border

Morning transfer to the station to catch your first train in to Mongolia. Pass through Beijing’s suburbs before entering the grasslands of inner Mongolia, an expansive land of villages and farms. Evening arrival at the China-Mongolia border at Erlian. Here the carriages are raised up (with you still in them!) and the new bogies of the Mongolian gauge fitted making for a unique experience. Once completed the train continues across the border to the Mongolian town of Zamyn-Ude for the Mongolian immigration formalities. By this time it is late in the night as you continue your journey under darkness through the Gobi desert.

Meals Included: Breakfast box if requested the day before.

LIFE ON BOARD – The public trains along the Trans-Siberian route are safe and comfortable. We book the best train options we can for each sector balancing comfort with ticket reliability. Rolling stock varies but in general will be set up as in the diagram below. Almost every train has a dining car. You can also buy from the kiosks at larger stations and we recommend bringing a few treats on board as well! Payment on the trains by card is an increasingly common option but WiFi and shower carriages are still rare. Click here to learn more about the trains.

train diagram itinerary 2

Day 5 - Arrive Sainshand

Remote Monastery, Dunes & Saxaul Forest & Camels

A very early arrival at remote Sainshand station. Transfer directly out to the ger camp where you have time to relax before breakfast. Click here to learn more about ger camps in Mongolia.

Jeep tour to some of the highlights of this region including the remote Khamariin Khiid monastery, an important centre of the Buddhist “red sect” and home to the “Terrible Noble Saint of the Gobi”. Drive on through the rocky desert to an area known as the “small sandy dunes”. Also visit the Gobi Saxaul forest, a unique eco-system that clings on to survival in this harsh environment. We will also meet a camel breeding family and learn how they live in a part of the world where few would think it is possible to exist.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at the Ger Camp.

EAST GOBI DESERT – This remote part of Mongolia is accessible by train. Although it doesn’t have the dunes on the scale of the South Gobi, on this stopover there is the chance to see dinosaur remains, wind sculpted rock formations and the unique wildlife of the desert as well as meet the isolated pockets of nomads who survive in this harshest of regions – and adventurous option.

Day 6 - East Gobi

“Died World” Meditation Caves & Dinosaur Fossils in the Desert

A full day exploring east Gobi by jeep stopping where you wish and also visiting “Died World” – an area of small caves where that Lammas used for long periods of meditation. We also explore an area famed for it’s fossils and can search for dinosaur remains and petrified wood amongst the rocks (note that Mongolia imposes severe penalties for taking any such fossils out of the country!) Evening in the ger camp to enjoy the silence and star-lit skies of the desert.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at the Ger Camp.

Day 7 - Gobi to Ulaanbaatar

Free Time in Camp Before the Train on to Ulaanbaatar

Free time in the ger camp where it is possible to arrange to ride a camel (fees payable locally), relax or take a walk out into the desert. In the afternoon we head back to Sainshand to visit the local museum as well as free time to explore this remote settlement that only exists because of the Trans-Mongolian railway. Own arrangements for dinner in town before joining a local train on to Ulaanbaatar.

Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch at the Ger Camp.

Day 8 - Arrive Ulaanbaatar

Transfer to Comfortable Elstei Ger Camp in the Grasslands

Morning arrival in Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. Your guide will be meeting you at the station to transfer you the 35 km to Elstei Ger camp in the open steppe stopping on the way at the 40 meter high Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue that sees that most famous of Mongols survey the grasslands. Elstei offers comfortable and spacious ger accommodation with separate toilet, showering & dining facilities.

A range of options are available including visits to local nomads and learning about their way of life and hiking the grasslands. There are also opportunities to for horse riding (payable locally) and, for much of the year, activities such as archery, ger building and even the opportunity to learn how to wrestle Mongolian style! Of course, you can simply relax and take in this extraordinary landscape.

Meals Included: Lunch & Dinner at the Ger Camp.

ULAANBAATAR – Улаанбаатар – Mongolia’s capital is home to around a third of the entire population. It has gone from being a sedate old Soviet relic to a wild west boomtown of skyscrapers, traffic jams and pollution. For most Trans-Siberian rail travellers the priority will be to get out of the city and into Mongolia’s stunning countryside and huge skies with the chance to meet and learn about the nomadic culture.

Day 9 - Return to Ulaanbaatar

Relaxing at Elstei Before Returning to Ulaanbaatar for a City Tour

A full morning free at Elstei before returning to Ulaanbaatar after lunch. Mongolia’s capital is home to around a third of the entire population and has experienced a major boom in the last 10 years, largely driven mainly by the mining industry. However, there is much of cultural interest here and the city tour includes Gandan Lama Monastery, the impressive Sukhbaatar square and the impressive views and Soviet monuments of Zaisan Hill. Free time for the rest of the day, perhaps to delve into the city’s surprisingly vibrant eating and drinking scene.

Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch at the Ger Camp.

Day 10 - Depart Ulaanbaatar

Free Time to Explore the City Before Departure Towards Russia

Free time in Ulaanbaatar to further explore the city, shop for souvenirs, visit some of the museums or catch up on coffee and correspondence! Transfer to the station for your onward train through the grasslands to the Russian border.

Evening arrival at the Mongolia-Russia border at Sukhe-Bator. The stops on each side are long but manageable as Mongolia’s track is the same gauge as Russia so the bogies do not need to be changed.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast.

Day 11 - Arrive Ulan Ude

Ulan Ude Capital of Buryatia & Tour to Atsagatski Datsan

Early morning arrival in Ulan Ude. Transfer to your accommodation and breakfast before starting a full day tour. Ulan-Ude is capital of the republic of Buryatia and due to it’s proximity to Mongolia has a traditional importance as a trading settlement between Russia, Mongolia and China. Famed for having the largest Lenin head in the world the other attractions are found outside of the city.

First, drive to Atsagatski Datsan which dates back to 1825. This was a teaching monastery as well as a centre for Tibetan Medicine. Continue on to the nearby village founded in the 19th century and which still keeps the traditions and customs of the Buryats, who make up most of the population, alive. Lunch in a local house and free time to explore the village before returning to the city to overnight.

Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch at a Local House.

ULAN UDE – Ула́н-Удэ́ – Capital of the republic of Buryatia and with a slightly Asian feel to it due to it’s proximity to Mongolia and importance as a trading settlement between Russia, Mongolia and China. Famed for having the largest Lenin head in the world the chief attractions you will visit are found outside of the city including the Ivolginsky Datsan, a beautiful buddhist monastery and the Old Believers village.

Day 12 - Ulan Ude

Visit the Old Believers Village and Stunning Ivolginski Datsan

Today we leave the city again, this time to the impressive Ivolginski Datsan which has long been a center of Buddhism in Russia and has a unique Buddhist library. Continue on to the Old Believer village. The people here separated from the Russian Orthodox Church in 1666 in protest of reforms and so practice a form of the religion that stopped across much of Russia at that time. Visit their church and a small museum before lunch is in a local home and free time before returning to Ulan-Ude.

Meals Included: Breakfast & Lunch at a Local House.

Day 13 - Ulan Ude to Irkutsk

Depart Ulan Ude Travelling the Shore of Lake Baikal Before Arriving in Irkutsk

After breakfast a transfer to the station for the train to Irkutsk (train 305 / 69 / 69 / 1). Later this morning you reach Lake Baikal travelling along its southern shore and one of the most scenic sections of the whole Trans-Siberian.

Late afternoon arrival in Irkutsk, regarded as the modern day cultural capital of Siberia, famed for its traditional wooden architecture, complimented by a vibrant cafe and restaurant culture. Transfer from the station to your hotel in Irkutsk with free time for the rest for the day and evening.

Meals Included: Breakfast at the Home Stay.

Day 14 - Irkutsk to Olkhon Island

Transfer to Olkhon Island by Private Vehicle & Boat

After breakfast a guide will meet at the hotel to take you to Olkhon island by private car or minibus finishing the journey with a short boat trip to reach the island itself.

Transport on to Khuzhir village, the island’s main settlement with a population of 1,500 people and check-in to the hotel before seeing the sunset at Shaman cape – note it is also possible to organise a 2 hour boat trip to see the sunset from the lake for an additional local payment.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast & Dinner.

OLKHON ISLAND – Ольхо́н́ – Largest island in Lake Baikal and one of the best places to appreciate the serene vastness of the lake. It has varied scenery ranging from sandy beaches with surprisingly warm water by the end of summer to the jagged cliffs of Choboi Cape. The island is also considered one of the five poles of Shamanic energy by the Buryat people and there is certainly something spiritual about this jewel of Baikal.

Day 15 - Olkhon Island

Explore the Highlights & View Points of Olkhon Island by Car

Today we explore the island by private car. At 72 km long, Olkhon is the largest island in Lake Baikal and one of the best places from which to appreciate the serene vastness of the lake. It has varied scenery ranging from sandy beaches to the jagged cliffs of Choboi Cape.

The island is also considered one of the five poles of Shamanic energy by the Buryat people and there is certainly something spiritual about this jewel of Baikal.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast & Dinner.

Day 16 - Olkhon to Irkutsk

Return to Irkutsk With a City Tour if Time & Departure

After breakfast we make our way back to Irkutsk by boat and private mini-bus or car arriving in the afternoon. If time (depending on how long the journey back takes) there may be time for a walking tour of the city centre including the park and War Memorial, some of the beautiful churches along the Angara river, the main city centre streets and the statue of Alexander III – the Tzar responsible for the Trans-Siberian railway.

Finish with a transfer to the station for your onward train.

Meals Included: Breakfast at the Resort.

Day 17 - Arrive Krasnoyarsk

Arrival in & City Tour of Krasnoyarsk’s Highlights

Morning arrival in Krasnoyarsk where you will be met at the station to start an half day city tour. This prosperous city located on the Yenisey River is highly regarded for it’s cultural life as well as the beautiful scenery of the Stolby Nature Reserve a short distance from the city.

As a hotel room is unlikely to be ready this early we start with a city tour which begins with the monument to Andrey Dubensky, the founder of the city, which also offers superb views and Karaulnaya Hill where Paraskeva Pjatnitsa Chapel built in 1855 is located. Move on to the Annunciation temple, Intercession Cathedral and Catholic church as well as Mira Avenue, the Drama Theatre, Opera and Ballet House and Yenisey quay.

After the tour continue to your hotel to check-in with free time for the rest of the day.

Meals Included: None today – however the train does have a dining car.

KRASNOYARSK – Красноя́рский́ – Often overlooked on a Trans-Siberian trip, the true Siberian city is well known in Russia both for it’s cultural life as well as the fantastic scenery that you will visit outside of the city in the beautiful Stolby Nature Reserve.

Day 18 - Krasnoyarsk

Day Trip to Stolby Nature Reserve & Krasnoyarsk’s Dam

Today we head out of the city firstly visiting the Hydro Power Station and Dam, Russia’s second largest. Here you can see the mighty Yenisey river which, at 4,092 km is the longest in Russia. The dam is an extraordinary feat of engineering as it had to be designed to cope with the intense cold and ice pressure of winter. Enjoy a picnic lunch before visiting the Stolby Nature Reserve and make a short walk of about 2-3 km round trip to the centre of the reserve where there are beautiful views and unusual rock formations. Time to enjoy the scenery and nature before returning to the city and a free evening.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast & Picnic Lunch.

Day 19 - Depart Krasnoyarsk

Free Morning to Explore the City Before Continuing Your Journey

Free time until a transfer to the station for your onward train. The scenery this afternoon has many rivers and ponds as you continue westwards.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast.

Day 20 - Arrive Ekaterinburg

Last Day in Siberia Before Arrival in Ekaterinburg

The scenery today is flat, often swampy or forested and with few major settlements except for Omsk. In the evening you enter the rolling hills of the Ural’s before arriving at Ekaterinburg, historic capital of this mineral rich region with a rich and fascinating history and surrounded by beautiful, rolling countryside dotted with traditional Siberian villages. Transfer by private car to your hotel to overnight.

Meals Included: None today – however the train does have a dining car.

EKATERINBURG – Екатеринбу́рѓ – An important and prosperous city located in the rolling Ural mountains that divide the continents of Europe and Asia. Steeped in Russian history from the Romanovs to Yeltsin it is also surrounded by beautiful countryside dotted with traditional villages perfect. Our popular program covers the highlights but you can explore more options by clicking here.

Day 21 - Ekaterinburg

Full Day Countryside & Siberian Village Experience

Today we drive out of the city to one of the photogenic country villages* that are scattered across the rolling scenery of the Ural mountains. Here we see a traditional Siberian “izba” house – a style suited to the often extreme environment – that can be seen right across Siberia. We also visit the local museum to learn about everyday life in this part of Russia and listen to a concert of local folk music. There will be time to explore the village with your guide and you will also enjoy a traditional Siberian homestyle lunch often using locally produced and seasonal ingredients. Return to Ekaterinburg late afternoon with a free evening.

*Depending on the day of your visit this trip will be to either Koptelovo, Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha or Mironovo village all approximately 150 km from Ekaterinburg.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast & Restaurant Lunch.

Day 22 - Ekaterinburg to Perm

Visit the Romanovs Secret Grave, Stand Astride the Europe-Asia Border & Visit the Museum of Arms & Depart to Perm

This morning drive 15 km north-west to a monastery dedicated to the Romanov’s family located on the spot where the Bolsheviks tried to hide the corpses of the Tsar and his family in a secret grave. Continue on to the continental border of Europe and Asia 20 km west of the city. On the way we make a short stop at the Memorial of Victims of the GULAGs. The Main Obelisk “Between Europe & Asia” allows you to straddle the continental divide and you also get a Certificate with a glass of sparkling wine!

Drive on 30 minutes (20 km) to Russia’s biggest private collection of armaments at the Museum of Arms in V. Pyshma. Here you will see Soviet and Russian tanks, cannons, aircrafts, helicopters and an array of other vehicles. Return to the city to catch your 5 hour train ride on to Perm (train 29 / 37 ).

Evening arrival in Perm with a transfer to your hotel. Known for Dr Zhivago, modern day Perm has fast reinvented itself as a cultural centre with some interesting museums and galleries amongst the soviet architecture. The real and contrasting highlights are found outside of the city. Perm 36 was a grim Gulag that has been preserved as a memorial museum dedicated to the victims of political oppression. The Kungur Ice Cave has permanent ice formations and frozen waterfalls amongst the 1.5 km network of caves. A taste of winter even at the height of summer!

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast.

PERM – Пермь – Known for Dr Zhivago, modern day Perm has fast reinvented itself as a cultural centre with museums and galleries amongst the soviet architecture. The contrasting highlights are found outside of the city. Perm 36 was a grim Gulag that has been preserved as a memorial museum dedicated to the victims of political oppression. Kungur Ice Cave is a highlight for many with permanent ice formations and frozen waterfalls amongst the 1.5 km network of caves. A taste of winter even at the height of summer!

Day 23 - Perm

Sobering Visit to Perm 36 Gulag Museum, Kungur Ice Cave & Belogorsky Monastery

An early start today driving 2 hours out of the city to Perm 36 Gulag Camp Museum. The museum occupies the former site of one of the most notorious Soviet gulag camps in the European part of Russia and is now privately operated by descendants and friends of the former inmates. The camp remained open until the Gorbachev era, and housed many prisoners from former USSR republics who had lobbied for independence from the Soviet Union. In common with most Gulags the location is very remote and the roads which lead to it are poor.

After the sobering experience of Perm 36 we drive a further two hours to the Kungur Ice Cave with it’s spectacular formations and dramatic lighting. You will need decent shoes and warm clothing as evening in summer is cold in the cave. Drive on an hour to Belogorsky Monastery located on top of a hill with spectacular views of the rolling landscape of the Urals. The monastery was dedicated to the miraculous escape of young Crown Prince Nicholas (the future Tsar Nicholas II) from an assassin, during a visit to Turkey. Late evening return to Perm to overnight.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast (in a box) & Restaurant Lunch.

Day 24 - Perm to Moscow

Walking Tour Revealing the Fascinating History of Perm & Train to Moscow

After a late breakfast begin a walking tour of the city visiting the Central Square and Opera & Ballet Theatre before walking along Sibirskaya Street, passing the hotel where Grand Prince Mikhail was arrested as well as the monument to his assassins. We will see the old riverboat station from where the Post Road to Siberia began and the Old Railway Station from where the original Trans-Siberian Railway line started. Along the way we pass places associated with the story of Dr Zhivago including the Public Reading Room and Lara’s House.

After the tour a transfer to the station for the train on to Moscow.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast.

Day 25 - Arrive Moscow

Arrival in Moscow & a Walking Tour of the City

Wake to Moscow’s sprawling suburbs arriving at the city’s handsome Kazanskaya station. Transfer by private car to your hotel.

Note that check-in time is offically 2pm and we cannot guarantee that rooms will be available before this time.

Once checked in you will have the perfect introductory walking tour of central Moscow designed to orientate and open up its hidden treasures. Your guide will take you along the main streets and less visited back roads to see the diversity of architectural styles from the austere and restrained Russian style to richly decorated Moscow Baroque, elegant Empire, fascinating Art Nouveau and even Pseudo-Chinese and Moorish. Hear stories and legends not found in the guidebooks as well as passing the most important sites in the city including the Bolshoi Theatre, Tverskaya street, GUM Department store, Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral.

Meals Included: None Today.

MOSCOW – Москва́ – Capital of Russia and the start of the Trans-Siberian making this vast city of 12 million people a must on any trip. It is the political and economic centre of this vast country and has many of Russia’s most famous sights, not least Red Square and St Basil’s Cathedral. With over 800 years of history there is also a wealth of architecture, museums and monuments to a colourful past not to mention its extraordinary metro system. We get you started by including a walking tour but also offer a wide range of tours you and add in – click here to view.

Day 26 - Moscow

Free Day to Explore Russia’s Capital & Its Many World Class Sights

A free day to explore Moscow. The city has much to offer whatever the weather from the famous museums such as Pushkin Fine Arts and Tretyakov Art Gallery to more outdoor areas including the Park of the Fallen Idols and Novodevitchy Convent. Of course, if the weather is not so good Moscow is one of the few cities where a day spent on the metro is a tourist attraction with many beautiful stations to visit and all for the price of a single ticket! For relaxing we recommend the bars, galleries and cafes of the Red October district or the fabulous Gorky Park.

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast.

Day 27 - Depart Moscow

Depart Moscow & Russia After Your Epic Trans-Siberian Adventure

Today is a free until a transfer to your onward travel from Russia. We sincerely hope that you will have enjoyed your epic journey as much as we have many times already and we look forward to welcoming you back on another one of our trips!

Meals Included: Hotel Breakfast.

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