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Top Trans-Siberian Destinations Photo Gallery

In no particular order here are our candidates for the top places to see along the Trans-Siberian Railway and which should be included in any Trans-Siberian tour if time and budget allow.

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Highlights Along the Trans-Siberian Railway

One of the world’s premiere cities and certainly Russia’s most European. It’s the second largest in Russia and home to some of Russia’s “must see” sights.

Capital of Russia and home to some unmissable sights such as Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral as well as being the start of the Trans Siberian.

Capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan and sometimes referred to as the third capital of Russia (by official sanction!) The city’s Kremlin has both a Christian cathedral and a Mosque.

Found right on the border between Europe and Asia in the Ural mountains Ekaterinburg is a popular stop of on the Trans Siberian due to both it’s location and it being home to the murder of the Romanovs.

The third largest city in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk was judged by Checkov to be Siberia’s most beautiful. One would imagine that it was due to the stunning Stolby Nature Reserve, the main attraction here.

Formerly referred to as the “Paris of Siberia”, Irkutsk got it’s name due to the large amount of Russian artists and nobles that were sent here. Certainly no longer Paris but a city with a lot of charm and the stop off for Lake Baikal.

The largest freshwater lake in the world by volume (7th by surface area) and at 25 million years old, thought to be the oldest lake on earth and certainly one of the clearest Baikal is a must see and one of the most popular stops (Irkutsk)

Capital of Buryatia and located some 100km South East of Lake Baikal, Ulan Ude is one of Russia’s more Asian looking cities (it is 3,500 miles to Moscow’s East!) and the centre of Buryat culture.

Vladivostok is at the far Eastern end of the original Trans-Siberian line and is home to the Russian Pacific fleet. Long cut off to foreigners due to it’s sensitive military secrets it’s now the Trans Siberian end point mainly for those wishing to travel onto Japan.

The Mongolian Grasslands spread from Inner Mongolia and Northern China right out into Mongolia and is a land of Nomads and horses. Some of the most stunning scenery, less is truly more!

The part of the Gobi that is accessible by train, The East’s rail links make this a good part to visit. Rockier and less sandy it’s still home to some great archaeological sites and to the endangered Wild Mongolian Ass.

Beijing is both the capital of China and probably its city with the most must see sights. Home to the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tiananmen square it also has a vibrant modern culture that exists alongside its history.

Harbin is capital of Heilongjiang province and is a Chinese city with considerable Russian influence. It is famous worldwide these days for its Ice and Snow Festival which hosts more and more amazing sculptures year after year in January and February.

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