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  • Roy Russell : Trans-Siberian5 Rating

    Roy RussellWe are safely back and making good use of the cold-weather gear we had bought specially for the trip! Compare and contrast pictures of Moscow and the lane outside our house.

  • Ceci Salimebeni : Trans-Siberian5 Rating

    Ceci SalimebeniThe trip was excellent! all the cities were a good selection and the tours were very good. You are the best agent! Answered all our question and helped us with everything. Even after booking the trip, you help us with the last arrangement.

  • Amy Wegerhoff : Trans-Siberian5 Rating

    Amy WegerhoffWe dealt with Chris who was brilliant. He was always really quick to respond to emails and to make updates to itineraries. His advice regarding visas and his knowledge about the journey were invaluable for us.

  • Jack Butz : Trans-Siberian5 Rating

    Jack ButzJust wanted to Thank you for an outstanding trip. I was greatly impressed with all the professional guides and all transfers were flawless.

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As a family run company your business is important to us, so we go to greater lengths to ensure you have the best possible experience on one of our Trans Siberian rail tours.

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We don't work to sales targets or for commission but solely in your interest. There are no hidden costs for our Trans Siberian railway tours and we give open and impartial advice.

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Trans-Siberian Rail Tours & Trans Siberian Express Holiday Packages

The Trans-Siberian Travel Company (TSTC) is a well established, independent and family owned and operated company offering well thought out, high quality and tried and tested by us Trans-Siberian rail tours and holidays. The epic Trans Siberian railway trip spans across three countries and crosses the two continents of Europe and Asia bringing some of the most remote parts of the planet in Russia, Mongolia and China right to the window of your train cabin. We feel the Trans-Siberian Express really is one of the great adventures left in overland travel and we look forward to using our many years of experience in arranging Trans-Siberian railway tours and holidays to ensure you make the best possible holiday for your Trans Siberian railroad tour.


Choose a Start City to Begin your Trans-Siberian Express Railroad Holiday

  • Trans-Siberian tours from Moscow

    Probably the single most popular city to start Trans-Siberian Express tours from, Moscow offers the choice of both the Trans-Manchurian and Trans-Mongolian Railways to Beijing or the rail line all the way to Vladivostok in Russia’s far east. Get aboard here!


  • Trans-Siberian tours from St Petersburg

    Russia’s cultural capital of St Petersburg, although not on the main Trans Siberian express line, is a fantastic place to start your trip from for the fully rounded experience. High speed express trains now link the city to Moscow making it even more practical to start Trans Siberian holidays here.


  • Beijing

    The majority of trans siberian train tours use the Trans Mongolian express route and so visit Beijing making China’s capital is an ideal place to start Trans Siberian express holidays from. In fact we can also offer a wide range of rail tours in China and Tibet ideal to add on to the start or end of your trip!


  • Vladivostok

    Vladivostok, a port city in Russia’s far east is a good place to start Trans Siberian railway vacation if you are coming from Japan or Korea or don’t want to visit China or Mongolia. The rail road from here runs all the way to Moscow for the longest 9,259 km single train travel experience in the world!



Private & Luxury Trans-Siberian Train Tours & Holidays

  • Tsars Gold Private Train

    Travel the Trans Siberian express by private train with like minded people on the Tsars Gold Trans Mongolian tours. This experience covers the highlights of Trans Siberian rail holidays with routes from Moscow to Beijing and Beijing to Moscow. Selected departure dates through the summer and autumn.


  • Golden Eagle Luxury Train

    The Golden Eagle is the luxury train taking the Trans-Siberian Express journey running the original Trans-Siberian railway route from Moscow across to Vladivostok. This exclusive train has ensuite cabins and a maximum number of 100 passengers making for truly special and unforgettable Trans-Siberian railway holidays.



Additional Popular Trans-Siberian Holiday Tours & Other Options

  • Trans-Siberian Railway

    For many a Trans-Siberian railway holiday is an experience of a life time and for good reason. We understand that you want your tour to be perfect for you and that one size certainly does not fit all. This may include additional stops and routes, particular hotels or occasions and specialist tours.


  • Trans-Siberian in winter

    Winter is a great time to take the Trans-Siberian railroad to both avoid the crowds as well as see Siberia covered in its beautiful snow blanket. Russia, China and Mongolia all function well in the winter with some really unique options available along the routes.


  • Trans-Siberian Honeymoon

    A Trans-Siberian Railway holiday is a trip of a lifetime for many who take our tours so why not take this one step further and make this amazing experience your perfect honeymoon tour. Our attention to detail will ensure you get the best out of this special time.


  • Private and Luxury Train

    View our Private and Luxury Trans-Siberian tour options including the Tsars Gold Private Train and the Golden Eagle Luxury train. Learn about the cabin classes, dates, prices and what makes these trips different to a standard Trans-Siberian tours.


  • Trans-Siberian Train

    Plan your own private group Trans-Siberian railway tour with us. We cater for a range of special interests and can tailor the ideal trip just for your group. Benefit from our attention to detail to coordinate your group's Trans-Siberian holiday trip.


  • China

    China is the start or finish of the majority of Trans-Siberian railway trips and is a whole destination in itself! We offer a wide range of tours in China that are designed to fit either before or after the train trip. We can also arrange bespoke China tours including Tibet.


  • Mongolia

    Mongolia is a real highlight of any Trans Mongolian railway trip. Our standard stops are 2 to 3 nights but we can also help arrange much longer adventure tours exploring Mongolia by jeep and using internal flights as the country deserves more time if you have it to make available.


  • Russia

    In addition to the main Trans Siberian tours stopovers on your journey we can also arrange many of the smaller less visited places such as Kazan, Perm and Krasnoyarsk that can be added in to your Transsiberian railway trip. We also offer areas off the Trans-Siberian railway such as the Golden Ring and Tuva and more.



Holiday on the Trans-Siberian Express Across Russia, Mongolia & China

The journey itself is reason enough to take a Trans-Siberian railway tour travelling through the vast forests and numerours lakes of Russia and the open steppe and desert of Mongolia before finishing in vast China, a destination in itself. Yet as an added attraction each terminus of the railroad has some of the world’s most impressive destinations. On top of this there are also many opportunities to stop off along the way with Lake Baikal, Ekaterinburg and Ger stays in the Mongolian grasslands being real highlights of many Transiberian railway tours.

Safe & Secure Trans-Siberian Express Railroad Tours

Today the trains themselves are safe, secure and have good comfort levels and all our Trans-Siberian railway trip cost are ABTA and ATOL protected for your peace of mind on your Trans-Siberian railway holiday. The quality and variety of experience on offer is better than ever making now the time to take the greatest train journey on earth! We hope you enjoy exploring our Trans-Siberian tours which can start from Moscow, St Petersburg, Beijing or Vladivostok.

Starting Your Trans-Siberian Tours in Moscow, St Petersburg, Vladivostok or Beijing

There are four places from which almost all Trans-Siberian holidays start from. The most popular of these is Moscow, a city that features in almost all railway trips. Many travellers also like to start from Russia’s cultural gem of St Petersburg, a magnificent city now only 4 hours from Moscow by fast “Sapsan” train. At the other end of the Trans-Mongolian route is Beijing, capital of China and home to some of this ancient country’s tourist highlights such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City. The final point a Trans-Siberian rail tour can start from is Vladivostok, an almost legendary port city in Russia’s Far East. There is no “best place” from which to start this rail adventure and we can arrange tours with tickets to start from any of these places.


Popular Stopovers to Make Along the Trans-Siberian & Trans-Mongolian Routes - Irkutsk & Mongolia

There are, of course, direct Trans-Siberian railway tickets that run the routes from Moscow to Vladivostok and Moscow to Beijing and vice versa. However, one of the joys of Trans Siberian railway tour packages is the ability to stop off along the way on your holiday. As well as breaking up the long train journeys this gives the traveller the unique chance to visit remote destinations that would never normally be feasible to visit as a single trip for most people making Trans-Siberian railway prices affordable. So, where are the popular places to stop?

By far the most popular two stops are the Siberian city of Irkutsk which is the access point along the Trans-Siberian railway for Lake Baikal and Ulaanbaatar, the capital of remote and fantastic Mongolia. Irkutsk provides the quintessential Siberian experience of log houses, Russian banya (sauna) and delicious home-style food. There are several villages along the shore of Lake Baikal with the best option being just that bit too far to be a day trip.

A Mongolia stopover provides a truly special Trans-Siberian experience and is a real highlight of a Trans-Mongolian route. This is a land of Nomadic tradition and the open steppe and any Trans-Siberian holiday with a stop here should include time out on the grasslands with an overnight stay in a Ger.


Other Stopovers Along the Trans-Siberian Railroad - Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk & Ulan Ude

For those with a bit more time there are several other stopover options to choose from along the Trans-Siberian railroad. The most popular of these to visit on your Trans-Siberian railway holiday is the city of Ekaterinburg in the rolling Ural Mountains a day’s train ride out of Moscow. Full of history, this is where the Romanov’s met their end and Boris Yeltsin rose from. Kazan, the prosperous capital of Tatarstan offers up a fascinating mix of culture and Krasnoyarsk has superb Siberian scenery just outside of this pleasant city. Ulan Ude is the capital of Buryatia, a land where Russia meets the indigenous cultures of the Far East making for a fascinating blend.

Wherever you decide stop we hope that you enjoy exploring this website and we are here to help with any questions you may have. Please also don’t forget to browse our Trans-Siberian blog section for our musings about travelling through Russia, Mongolia and China by rail!

Trans-Siberian Railway

How much does it cost to ride the whole Railway?

There are many factors that decide the cost of the train travel used in Trans Siberian rail tours. How many stops you make in Russia, what class of cabin, what route you take and what time of year you may choose to travel in. Rail fares are usually just a small part of the overall train journey cost as our trips include excurions, transfers, accommodation and guides. We use only first and second class for our Russian train holidays as third class travel is too basic and insecure. Please contact us for more details and, information and help with a quote and booking for your train journey.


How many days is a Siberian Train Tour?

Moscow to Beijing has 6 days of train travel and Moscow to Vladivostok has 7 days of train travel. Adding on to that at least 1 night at either end of the trip takes you up to 10 days as an absolute minimum for Trans Siberian rail tours. However, few people take such a short time quite rightly stopping off along the route at least once and usually a lot more to enhance the experience and break up the rail journey. We would advise a minimum time for a worthwhile of two weeks but most people end up travelling for around 3 weeks which allows a good amount of time for travel on the trains and time off the train. Although, of course the trains are a big part of the overall journey the stops along the way are as rewarding and give great insight into local cultures. Lake Baikal and Mongolia are without doubt the most popular stops. Please contact us for any help and information required in planning your journey.

Wherever you decide stop we hope that you enjoy exploring this website and we are here to help with any questions you may have. Please also don’t forget to browse our Trans-Siberian blog section for our musings about travelling through Russia, Mongolia and China by rail!

Trans-Siberian Railway

Is it safe to travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway?

A question frequently asked is if it is safe to take a Trans-Siberian Railway tour? There are certainly plenty of people who have never taken a trip on the Trans-Siberian or Mongolia railway who will tell you that it is unsafe. Perhaps these stories come form the early 1990s when Russia was in some turmoil after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Back to the present day and travle in Russia is safer than many destinations in the world. There is a good security on both the trains and stops along the routes. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss this as part of your planning for booking one of our Trans siberian railway holidays.


What countries does the Trans-Siberian Railway go through?

The true Trans-Siberian just passes through Russia with the route travelling from Moscow to Vladiostok - a large slice of the world to travel on one railway but all within one country nevertheless! The Trans Mongolian railroad has much of its route in Russia but also goes across Mongolia and finishes in the Chinese capital of Beijing. Whichever of the Trans-Siberian Railway routes you take you can stop in Lake Baikal which is the mid-point of all the routes and the lake is a real highlight to most.who travel these trains. Keep in mind that visas are often required for these countries so increasingly people now opt for the Moscow to Vladivostok railway route as only a Russian visa is required to travel that journey. Please use the contact form on this page to ask us for more information.


How much does it cost to ride the whole Trans Siberian Railway?

The price to take the Trans-Siberian express depends on which route you take, what class of cabin you have and the time of year. A ticket from Moscow to Vladivostok can be as little as £ 150 but that would be a long way to travel in third class. More comfortable first class would start from around £ 1,000. Most tourists take the trip as part of a Trans Siberian tour which includes more services and tour prices are higher.

Is it safe to travel on the Trans Siberian Railway?

Despite a reputation that lingers from the 1990s, travelling on the Trans-Siberian railway is very safe these days and has been for some time. Two conductors on each carriage are responsible for your safety and there is good security on the train. First and 2nd class cabins have lockable doors and you can only board a carriage you have a ticket for. For those still concerned about safety there are private trains offering fully escorted Transsiberian Railway tours.

What countries does the Trans Siberian Railway go through?

The true Trans-Siberian route from Moscow to Vladivostok travels through only Russia from start to finish. The popular Trans-Mongolian route travels through the countries of Russia, Mongolia and China. The less popular Trans-Manchurian journeys through Russia and China only. Whichever route you use for you trans siberian railway tour you should check what visas you require.

How long is the train ride from Beijing to Moscow?

Beijing to Mongolian along the Trans-Mongolian railway is 7,819 kilometers and takes 132 hours which is about 5 and an half days. This would be taking the trip without getting off the train at all to explore the destinations it passes through. Most people do not take the trip all in one train ride and spend 2 to 3 weeks or more to make the most of trans siberian holidays as there is much to see along the way.