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How long does it take to ride the Trans Siberian Railroad?

The minimum time to complete the routes is from 5 to 8 days depending on the route and train used. On top of this you need at least 1 night at each end of the line. however, few take the Trans-Siberian that quickly with the vast majority of people stopping off at least twice along the way to see more of the places they are passing through and the break up the train journey.

Can you hop on and off the Trans Siberian Express?

There is no "hop on, hop off" type of ticket for the Trans-Siberian. Each time you get off you will need to have a new ticket for the next section of your trip. As ticket availability in the summer months can be difficult this means planning which stops you are going to make and for how long you will stay in them so you can have the ticket for the next leg bought in advance.

What are the most popular stops on the Trans-Siberian?

On the Trans-Mongolian route from Moscow to Beijing the most popular stops to make are Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk (for Lake Baikal) and Mongolia's capital of Ulaanbaatar with some time in the surrounding countryside. Other stops that are becoming increasingly popular are Kazan, Krasnoyarsk and Ulan Ude. Learn more about the stops to make in our "Where to stop" section.

Which countries does the Trans Siberian Railway go through?

Keeping it technical, the Trans-Siberian does not leave Russia running from Moscow to Vladivostok. The Trans-Mongolian travels through Russia and Mongolia to China. The Trans-Manchurian misses Mongolia and covers Russia and China. See more about the various routes and a map here.

Is it safe to travel on the Trans Siberian Railway?

We believe it is - more so than many railway systems worldwide. Back in the 1990s there were stories of it being unsafe but these are now consigned to history and the trains are well policed, cabins lockable and secure and the staff usually take extra care to look out for foreign tourists. Normal common sense is all you need today.


Below you will also find sections on when to go, accommodation, details about the Trans-Siberian trains we use, the best Trans-Siberian experiences, what style of travel best suits you and a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Trans-Siberian.

Lastly, there are our top Trans-Siberian travel tips born from experiences both good and sometimes not so good (!) and that essential Trans-Siberian reading list to take on the train with you. An all round guide to planning your Trans-Siberian tour.

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Planning Route Options

Map of the Trans-Siberian railway showing the major stops and popular places to visit as well as the Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian routes.

Planning Where To Stop

The Trans-Siberian Travel Company's selection of the best places to visit in Russia, Mongolia and China for your trip of a lifetime.

Planning When To Go

The best months of the year to take a Trans-Siberian rail tour - and when not to! Do you prefer the idea of a summer trip, a winter trip or fall colours of autumn?

Planning The Trains

A guide to the main trains used in our The Trans-Siberian Travel Company's tours, differences between first and second train classes and life on board.

Planning Experiences

The staff of The Trans-Siberian Travel Company came up with this list of the best experiences on offer though Russia, Mongolia and China.

Planning Accommodation

From modern to soviet hotels, Mongolian Gers, Siberian Home Stays to traditional style Chinese courtyards, the right hotel selection can make your trip!

Planning Money To Take

What currency to take on a Trans-Siberian tour - Russian Roubles? Mongolian Tugrik? Chinese Yuan RMB? US Dollars? Euros? Find the answers here.

Planning Visa Requirements

Most nationalities will need a visa for their Trans-Siberian trip - find out more information about Russian, Mongolian and Chinese visas here.

Planning Vaccinations

Vaccination and inoculations needed or recommended for a Trans-Siberian trip visiting Russia, Mongolia and China. Updated for Covid-19.

Planning FAQs

Our guide to the most frequently asked questions when planning your rail tour and holiday along the Trans-Siberian routes.

Planning Top Tips

Top Tips for a Trans-Siberian railway adventure based on experiences both good and bad from the trips we have done with specific lists for Mongolia and China.

Planning Reading List

The Trans-Siberian Travel Company's suggestions for a good read as you travel along the greatest railway in the world including reading lists for China, Russia and Mongolia.

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