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Trans-Siberian Blog

Keep up to date with events along the Trans-Siberian railway with our articles and latest news written by us and regularly updated. Here you will find useful information and travel tips to both help explore the travel possibilities along the Trans-Siberian Express and learn about and plan your rail adventure through Russia, Mongolia and China.

Trans-Siberian Blog Posts

  • Trans-Siberian trips that don’t visit China

    One of our senior sales consultants Gregg Hannam, recently took a trip from St Petersburg to Vladivostok. A highlight was a tour of Moscow's beautiful metro system and below are his top tips and some rather decent photos!

  • Top 5 Things to See in Siberia (That Isn’t Lake Baikal)

    One of our senior sales consultants Gregg Hannam, recently took a trip from St Petersburg to Vladivostok. A highlight was a tour of Moscow's beautiful metro system and below are his top tips and some rather decent photos!

  • Should I visit St Petersburg?

    One of our senior sales consultants Gregg Hannam, recently took a trip from St Petersburg to Vladivostok. A highlight was a tour of Moscow's beautiful metro system and below are his top tips and some rather decent photos!

  • Why you should do a Moscow metro tour

    One of our senior sales consultants Gregg Hannam, recently took a trip from St Petersburg to Vladivostok. A highlight was a tour of Moscow's beautiful metro system and below are his top tips and some rather decent photos!

  • Plumb Adventure

    Early this summer our newest staff member - Chris Plumb, took an epic Trans-Siberian Adventure form Vladivostok to St Petersburg including a side trip to Mongolia and part of the journey on the private Tsars Gold Train. Below is his complete blog on this trip - enjoy!

  • Trans-Siberian Joanna Lumley

    The actress and model (She actually modelled in Moscow back in 1966 during the height of the Cold War!) will take this epic 5,000 plus mile journey through China, Mongolia and Russia, bringing the Trans-Siberian to a much larger audience than it ordinarily receives.

  • Trans-Siberian Irkutsk & Lake Baikal

    One of the most popular stops on any Trans Mongolian or Trans Siberian Railway tour is the wonderful Siberian city of Irkutsk. Located over 5,000km along the routes from Moscow it is a pleasant city with a warm climate in the summer months.

  • Trans-Siberian Ekaterinburg

    Ekaterinburg, or Yekaterinburg as it is also sometimes romanised, is the fourth largest city in Russia and one of the most popular stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway route and is included in many Trans-Siberian tours.

  • Moscow Kremlin History

    Literally meaning “fortress inside a city” and usually known simply as “the Kremlin”, the Moscow Kremlin refers to the fortified collection of palaces and cathedrals that look over Red Square and Saint Basil’s to the east and the Moskva River to the south.

  • St Petersburg’s Hermitage

    The State Hermitage is one of the world’s oldest museums having been founded by Catherine the Great 250 years ago and has been open to the public for over 160 years and is a must see as part of a visit to St Petersburg as part of any Trans-Siberian tour.

  • Tour In China

    As this was my first time in China I was keen to see as much as possible. Yet I was aware of our limited time. Our China tours adviser guided us through our options and that whatever we wanted he could make happen. He gave us so much confidence, that we went for it and visited not only Beijing but also Xian and Shanghai. Although the possibility of where you can travel are endless, after talking to a few people they all said as these cities are so diverse, the best way to explore the culture is

  • Trans-Siberian Platforms

    If you’re just going to sit on the train, forget Trans-Siberian tours as it’s not for you. This trip is full of discovery but you have to get up and go out on the platforms to find the most exciting sites and experiences.

  • Life On Board Trans-Siberian

    One of the first things that hits you at the beginning of your Trans-Siberian tour is the size of your cabin. Nevertheless by the time you have sorted all your nick knacks into all the cubby holes and made a nice cup of tea from the constant hot water of the samovar, you start feeling settled in.

  • Moscow Impressions

    The hotel we stayed in was near the centre, clean and comfortable, newly refurbished, staff were helpful and friendly and the breakfast was the best we had on our trip - although we didn’t know this at the time or we would have taken longer to enjoy it!

  • Tsars Gold Trans-Siberian

    The vast majority of Trans-Siberian Tours taken and offered on this website use the myriad of scheduled trains that serve destinations along all three main Trans-Siberian routes across Russian and on into Mongolia and China. These are trains that run to fixed and regular schedules and are not designed to be tourist trains - they are mainly used by local people simply to get from A to B across this vast country.

  • Trans-Siberian Trains

    A common question asked by those booking our Trans-Siberian tours is “what are the trains really like?” Obviously this is a very valid and important questions considering between 6 and 7 days of a Trans-Siberian rail holiday will be spent on the train and that the train is usually the single most important reason why the trip is being taken in the first place.

  • Trans-Siberian Vladivostok

    The city of Vladivostok lies at the far eastern end of the Trans-Siberian railway and has been a city that has had an important part in the history of several countries, not just Russia where it is nowadays. The Chinese and Japanese have had their influence on the region and until the end of the 1850’s it was part of Manchuria and therefore came under Chinese control.

  • Trans-Siberian Krasnoyarsk

    One of the lesser know destinations available for Trans-Siberian Tours is a stopover in the city of Krasnoyarsk. It is however the third largest city in Siberia. Situated on both banks of the Yensei River it differs from most Siberian cities by having mountainous surroundings instead of the usual flatness of most settlements in Siberia.

  • About Siberia

    Some say the name comes from the old Turkic word “Siber” meaning “beautiful” others that it was the ancient name of the tribe of nomads that lived here but whatever the reason it a place that most people have heard of but know little about and this is part of the allure of taking the world’s longest train ride, the Trans Siberian.

  • Trans-Siberian Off The Beaten Track

    We at the Trans-Siberian Travel Company have been busy this autumn expanding our range of trips with our Off The Beaten Rail Track series of rail tours and holidays. The idea behind these special tours is to introduce those looking for a more in-depth and extensive Trans-Siberian experience to some of the less visited but still highly worthwhile destinations to visit along the rail routes.

  • Mongolia Gers Winter

    One of the Highlights of many Trans-Siberian Tours is a stopover in Mongolia and a night or two out at a tourist ger camp on the open steppe. The uniqueness of the accommodation, wide open vistas of the grasslands and hospitality of the local people all make for an unforgettable experience. You may think that such an experience could only be possible, or at least worthwhile, in the short summer from June to late August? How about visiting Mongolian ger camps in winter?

  • Trans-Siberian History

    In 1890-91 the future Tsar Nicholas II took part in an epic journey that took in large pats of Asia and the Far East culminating in a visit to the then mighty Empire of Japan. It is at the end of this journey in Vladivostok that he inaugurated the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway’s Far East section. He wrote of his excitement of travelling in the Tsar’s train, the mobile office of the Russian head of State, across the wilderness of Siberia.

  • Trans-Siberian Visas

    There are few nationalities that can take a Trans-Siberian trip visa free unfortunately. A classic Trans-Mongolian adventure from Moscow to Beijing will require anything up to three separate visas - Russian, Mongolian and Chinese. This article intends to shed some light on the paperwork required - predominantly for UK citizens although embassy requirements are similar for nationals of other countries.

  • Trans-Mongolian Bogie Changing

    Whether you are a train aficionado or not one of the more unusual Trans-Siberian tours experiences available to the traveler occurs at the Mongolian-Chinese border at Erlian. Here the train’s bogies (the name for each set of train wheels) have to be changed due to the different track gauges used by the Chinese and Mongolian / Russia railway networks.

  • Trans-Siberian Planning Guide

    For many people the idea of how to start organizing their Trans Siberian holiday is a daunting task. Here is a beginner’s guide to deciding what’s best for you. Firstly you are going to need to work out which direction you want to go in! Most westerners tend to head east bound but by no means everyone.

  • Trans-Siberian in Winter

    The high season for Trans-Siberian railway travel is the summer months from July to early Autumn which is usually around mid-September. Winter, on the other hand is definitely the low season for tourism but why is this? Many, including us, think that Russia in particular looks at its best when covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.

  • Trans-Siberian Accommodation Options

    One of the joys of Trans-Siberian tours is the wide variety of accommodation on offer across the trip as a whole. Here we list some of what we think are the best options for the most popular stops and , when taken altogether, provide the traveller with some very contrasting experiences.

  • Trans-Siberian Destination Kazan

    Most people have heard of St Petersburg, Moscow and Beijing and many are aware that the highlight stops along the Trans-Siberian include Ekaterinburg, Irkutsk and Lake Baikal and Ulaanbaatar as a launch pad for a trip into the Mongolian grasslands. However, what other cities are there which are well worth a stopover of a few days?

  • Different Trans-Siberian Routes

    Just how many Trans-Siberian railway routes are there. Well, that can be up for argument as there are variations within some of the main routes as well as more obscure tracks like the BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline) that runs nearly 500 miles north of the Trans-Siberian mainline in Russia’s far east.

  • Who Travels The Trans-Siberian?

    The first thing to remember is that all the trains are primarily used by local Russian, Chinese and Mongolian people. Tourism comes a distant second except for a few key weeks in the high season.

  • Trans-Siberian Train Classes

    One of the most common questions asked when people are planning Trans-Siberian tours is what the difference is between a first and second class cabin. This article aims to clarify this and help you make this decision.

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