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Trans-Siberian Feedback & Testimonials

Below you will find some recent feedback from our Trans-Siberian clients. On request we can put you in touch with past clients to discuss their experience of our services.

Click here to view the pdf of an article in Etihad inflight magazine about a Trans-Siberian tour we put together for the author, Raf Jah.


Our Trans-Siberian Clients Feedback & Testimonials

John Dunston & Family : Trans-Siberian Tailor Made

We’ve had such a spectacularly unforgettable trip – expectations exceeded in spades!

I feel that after all you have contributed to enriching the life and experience of the family through our recent expedition. It was superb, and we recognise the contribution that you made to this through your advice and planning during the months leading up to it.

One feature of the TSR trip that made for its great success was the quality of the guides that you had arranged.

The trains were themselves a great experience. We were glad we had opted for first class on the two longer trips, but all four journeys worked well. Isn’t the punctuality amazing?! Strange how consistent that was over the 9000+km, when you consider what a cause for celebration it is here if a train arrives on time….

Your guidebook made such a difference. It’s superbly thought out, covers just about everything we could have needed for the trip, complemented well the more general books we had, and added greatly to our enjoyment of every stage. Thanks again for producing the large-print version so readily.



So, Chris, we really cannot thank you enough. Your patient advice during the planning and your creative and flexible suggestions (not least over the change to the Mongolian programme and indeed including Mongolia itself, despite going west – east to Vladivostok) were absolutely invaluable. We have of course been asked by many already what was the highlight, and it’s an impossible question. It was all a highlight, though the day in the Urals and the Mongolian experience were exceptionally enjoyable, quite apart from the awesome scale of the whole Siberian discovery and the unique experience of the railway itself. We have already recommended you to anyone who shows the slightest interest in a TSR trip, and will continue to do so. Matthew, at least, is determined to return one day – in winter!

Your notion of the guides being, rather, “a friend of a friend” became a reality, and it’s quite clear why. We may never have met, but, exceptionally, we all feel we have got to know you somehow as “a friend” too, even though this whole adventure was, for you at least in part, a business transaction. For us it was that and so much more, and we are really grateful to you. Let me know if you want a specific quote you can use for future marketing; otherwise, feel free to crib anything from this rather rambling email.

Spassiba, and every good wish,

John and of course Susie, Matthew and Naomi too!


Bill Mohme : Trans-Siberian Explored

Just returned home and we had a great trip and enjoyed everything. All the local guides were very good, particularly Konstantin in Ekaterinburg. He was exceptional. We even had the guide in Moscow arrange another trip to the countryside during our free day. We were surprised when we received one meal a day on the two first class trains and two on the second class train. While definitely not gourmet dining, it actually added to the experience and was much fun.  The Russian countryside is beautiful and seems endless. The guidebook was invaluable, particularly the train stop schedule, and was used constantly to be able to hop off and take some interesting pictures of not only stations but some of the station vendors. Thanks again for all your help.  Have attached a picture of my wife and me at the “finish line” in Vladivostok. Bill.



Ute Wilson : Trans-Mongolian Explored

Well, I am slowly surfacing from a touch of jet lag! I want to thank you for my terrific, well organized, seamlessly smooth running Trans-Siberian journey! At all times were the guides on hand, helpful, charming and well informed.

The trip from Moscow to Ekaterinburg in 1st class was certainly a nice start – the following 3 legs in 2nd class, well, you spoiled us, were a step down, but certainly manageable. The last leg from Ulan Bator to Beijing, again 1st class, was fun, as a bunch of international tourists were there to exchange stories with.

One of my highlights certainly was Mongolia – I very much enjoyed Ulan Bator – I saw the best Folklore performance (the Mongolian National Song and Dance Academy Ensemble) of the whole trip and that includes St. Petersburg and Moscow. An extraordinary company, professional, simply the best! As the weather was quite cool and deteriorating at the Ger Camp we only stayed one night, therefore the chance to see the city and the terrific evening performance. I was able to compare St. Petersburg and Moscow to my last visit in 1986 – what an enormous change. The visit to the village of Koptelovo outside of Ekaterinburg was a delight and Konstantin was a great guide!

All in all your organization was without doubt exceptional. I am working on my trip-diary, which already now brings back very special memories.
Thank you very much, Ute.



Carlos Dabezies : Trans-Siberian Tailor Made

In September 2015 my wife and I did a slightly altered version of the “Epic Trans-Siberian” trip starting in St Petersburg.  Chris was a pleasure to deal with in making the arrangements, happy to discuss potential changes at some length and to offer his own personal experience in relation to hotels and guided tours.  All the advice he gave proved to be spot-on, and if there was any doubt he would check details with his Russian agents.  We had made a few contacts in Russia ourselves, and Chris was also happy, for example, to amend the timing of guided tours to fit in with our plans.

For this kind of semi-independent travel the London agent depends to some extent on his local agents, and, with the exception of one who seemed a bit over-stretched, all of those used were excellent. On two occasions the drivers doing the transfers went well beyond the call of duty to ensure that problems were resolved. All the guides were knowledgeable and spoke very good English.  The guides (and drivers) were interesting people, and we learned a huge amount from talking to them; we hadn’t appreciated in advance that this is probably the main benefit of personal guided tours.

Two significant problems arose in relation to our travel arrangements.  One of these was partially Chris’ responsibility, and he dealt with this excellently, apologising immediately and offering to compensate us for the extra expenditure we had incurred. The more serious problem arose on the final day because our flight from Vladivostok to Moscow was so delayed that we would have missed our connection to London. Chris and his Russian agent responded superbly, getting us 2 of the 3 available seats on the only other flight to Moscow, and arranging a transfer between Moscow airports so that we made our London flight with 30 minutes to spare.  We have no hesitation in recommending The Trans-Siberian Travel Company, and we would be happy to discuss details of our trip with prospective customers. Carlos Dabezies”


Maureen Elliott : China & the Trans-Mongolian Tailor Made

Your customer service, response to queries and information provided was excellent at all stages in the booking process. Advice on various options was always good and obviously based on detailed local knowledge.

The hotels were as expected, some better than others but all good. The locations were excellent, being near the prime sites in most cities. The Ger camp and the village on Lake Baikal were basic but comfortable and added to the overall experience. We all enjoyed the banya.

Some trains were a better standard than others but all were clean and well managed by the Provodnitsas and always exactly on time. The timetable for each journey in the guidebook was very useful as it let us know when and for how long the train was stopping. The quality of food and standard of service varied widely despite being offered the same menu on several trains.

All of the day tours were excellent being a good mix of guided sightseeing and freedom to wander a little something took our fancy. The guides all had a wide and detailed knowledge of the area they covered and seemed able to answer questions on a wide range of topics from history to geology.

Your customised guidebook was brilliant and the envy of another group of 4 women who were doing basically the same trip as we were (excluding Shanghai and Xian). We also got the impression that our local guides were better than theirs.

Overall the trip was a wonderful experience. It will take some time for it all to sink in with the help of our photographs. The organisation was first class with no problems arising which is amazing considering the complexity of the arrangements. We would highly recommend you to anyone wanting a similar experience.


Article About One of Our Trips in the Daily Mail

Click here to read an article by Alix O’Neill in the Daily Mail about the Trans-Siberian trip she took with her mum arranged by us – a great read! “To Russia with mum: An epic adventure on the Trans-Siberian Railway (vodka and smoked fish included, showering optional)”



Carol Pirie : Trans-Siberian Tailor Made

The trip was fantastic! It way exceeded our expectations. We were blown away by every single place we visited. We are currently in Budapest having travelled from Istanbul to Plovdiv to Sofia to Bucharest to Budapest all by train. We are not sick of trains yet!


Jane Wainwright : China & the Trans-Mongolian Tailor Made

The trains are impossible to rate in bulk – from the bullet train to the slow and elderly UB – Irkutsk train. They were always at least as we had expected and sometimes better (e.g. the Ekaterinburg to Moscow train). The main purpose of the trip for me was the train experience and I was fully rewarded! Particularly impressed by immaculate time-keeping and the hard-working carriage managers, the provodnitsas.

The day tours were well-organised and provided us with excellent introductions to the places we visited. The walking tours in Shanghai and Moscow were outstanding, the local knowledge of Konstantin in Ekaterinburg and Sarah in Beijing was great.

The Trip Guidebook you gave us was outstanding. Fellow travellers using other companies were very envious! Particularly helpful: the advice – e.g. about tipping, what to bring, the train; the timetables for the trains we took; the detailed itinerary; the language guides. We could have managed without another guide book and it was constantly consulted.

The trip was very well organised, everything happened at the right time and went to plan. We were very pleased to have used this company. Will definitely recommend. Thank you.


Victoria Barrett : Trans-Mongolian Highlights

I really enjoyed the trip, it was daunting, exhilarating, eye opening and life affirming all at the same time. All my guides were very good, stand out ones were in Moscow and Mongolia, Lena in Siberia and Tony in Beijing were very good too. All very knowledgeable about their area, relaxed and easy to get on with.


Eunice Ngiam : Trans-Mongolian Tailor Made

You provided heaps of assurance and helped to ensure that everything was in place before our trip, despite the last minute booking. A shout out to our guide in Mongolia. She was very professional, yet caring and sincere. She and the driver made our Mongolia leg perfect and unforgettable.


Claire Marshall : Trans-Mongolian Highlights

Phil, your service was fantastic, so responsive, helpful and good humoured about answering all my questions.

The guides were excellent, particularly Yelena in Irkutsk (we really enjoyed Igor too) and Ivan in Moscow went above and beyond for us. So much better and more personal than the groups you see traipsing around – like being shown around a friend’s hometown.

One thing i wasn’t so sure of first of all was that I found it hard to locate any independent online reviews of the company, so the uk association you are part of was what i relied on, of course there was nothing to worry about, but you do hear about cowboys out there.

The books were brilliant, so good while we were on the train, and a real point of difference from other providers from what others on the train said.

The trip was EPIC! It was so much fun, such an eye opener for us into parts of the world we never hear much about in NZ, and the organisation of the trip was seamless! You really went above and beyond and were great to deal with , thank you so much! Restored our faith in travel agents!


John & Emma Patrick : Trans-Siberian, China, Tibet & Nepal

From Emma and me please accept our heartfelt thanks for organising our trip. The whole thing was first class and I don’t think we would change a thing.  From the moment we were met in Moscow to the time we were dropped off in Kathmandu the trip could not have gone better.

The location of the hotel in Moscow was ideal and the guide, not unlike ones favourite aunt, gave us a great insight into a wonderful city. Too soon we were off on the Trans-Siberian railway enjoying the quirkiness of the train system and making new friends, not to mention enjoying a well deserved banya at Lake Baikal and a horse ride to Ghengis Khans statue on the Mongolian steppes. Sadly we said goodbye to our travelling home in Beijing and headed forth for our next adventure.

Once more perfectly located by the forbidden palace we were treated to the numerous attractions of the capital including an evening show of acrobatics that beggared belief. The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and beautiful limestone mountains were to follow but feeding the Giant Pandas was a stand out moment.



Thus we left Shanghai with a hat full of memories to see what Tibet had to offer. Once more we were not disappointed as the combination of Tibetan culture, monasteries and breathtaking scenery made us feel privileged to have visited such a wonderful land.

Finally we could not have asked for a more fitting end than to have stood at Everest base camp as the clouds cleared only to then descend into the lush valleys of Nepal and the bedlam of Kathmandu.

The trip was made especially enjoyable by the choice of locations giving wide variety without seeming rushed and the excellent choice of accommodation throughout. Finally the personalised books were a godsend, incorporating our itineraries and relevant background information on all the places to be visited. They were much praised and envied by all. Thanks once more for a fantastic adventure.


Claire Marshall : Trans-Siberian Highlights

EPIC! It was so much fun, such an eye opener for us into parts of the world we never hear much about in NZ, and the organisation of the trip was seamless! The books were brilliant, so good while we were on the train, and a real point of difference from other providers from what others on the train said. Phil, you really went above and beyond and were great to deal with , thank you so much! Restored our faith in travel agents!


James & Christine Copeland : Tailored Trans-Siberian & China

Our overall comment has to be that this was an amazing adventure, visiting places we had only read about before and, with hindsight, wishing we had more time, although almost seven weeks was long enough for one trip. We experienced excellence in the ease of booking, customer service, information provided and quality of the website. You accommodated our itinerary revisions and always responded promptly to any questions we had.

Talking with other travellers who had decided to book through another travel company, we showed them your guide book to identify some of the places we had visited and train timetables included and their comment was that if they had realised how much information was contained in this “tailored personalised” guidebook they would have used your company. From this you will recognise that we were very pleased with the guidebook.

This trip was an epic experience forming part of a much longer trip through China, also with you. My only criticism is of myself where I had planned the China trip in depth and then knowing I wanted to revisit St Petersburg, used this primarily as a way of getting to Beijing to start the China holiday. On the other hand I left each place feeling there was something else to see, so a return trip cannot be discounted, one day. Thanks for facilitating an amazing journey.



Helen Rowe : Trans-Mongolian Honeymoon

I have just submitted our feedback. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to you for helping us book such an important trip (our honeymoon!) and for making the booking process so easy and hassle-free. We were so overwhelmed with the level of support and information that you and your company were able to provide (amazing customer service!) and by the added extras that you included for us. It made us feel so special! The trip itself was simply an incredible experience. Everything ran so smoothly and we had an amazing time in all three countries. We will treasure the memories forever 🙂


Rebecca Scrivener & Family : Trans-Mongolian Tailor Made

The guides were all amazing and each in their own way, Moscow Ilaid – excellent English, very engaging presentation. Konstantin in Ekaterinburg was so well informed great sense of humour,and really intelligent, we had a great couple of days with him. Irkutsk we had Kay, she was sweat, with lots of folk tales, she was a really easy guide to spend time with, and focused on our welfare. In Mongolia our guide Enke had a good sense of humor, his English was not great, but sufficient,he was really helpful and taught us a Mongolian game..

For us this was a trip of a lifetime – thank you, thank you, thank you. And much praise and affection for each of the guides, who really made the trip for us.


Vasilis Vekios : Trans-Mongolian Tailor Made

Here I am after returning from my wonderful trip, full of new experiences and impressive, unforgettable images. First of all I would like to THANK YOU very much for your assistance and to CONGRATULATE your company for the perfect organization.


Tony Gee : TS-M-03 Original Trans-Siberian

Hi Chris, The trip lived beyond expectations and we really enjoyed this amazing adventure, thanks for everything and your detailed organisation and service provided. Will gladly complete the feedback for you. Regards, Tony and Paul.

ps the legendary showers still remain legendary.


Peter Stimpson : Trans-Siberian Honeymoon

We had an absolutely fantastic time, it’s always a shame when the last thing you do is the worst bit but putting that aside, everything was superb and we were looked after really well. The itinerary was brilliantly managed and the whole trip was as stress-free as we’d hoped. I think the style of your trips is perfect, a nice balance between guided exploration & free to roam.


Graeme Cooper : TS-SP-07 Trans-Mongolian Discovery

I’m now safely ensconced in Hanoi after a wonderful trip. It really did live up to the advanced billing and it was clear that you have put a lot of thought in to the choices of accommodation and the people you partner with along the way. And most of them knew you personally which was a big source of confidence for me. The guidebook was invaluable. For the next part of our trip we will be wrestling with a couple of dozen stapled sheets of A4 and I know it won’t be as easy as reaching for your book! I had a couple of small observations for improvement which I won’t bore you with now, but happy to discuss when I am home; suffice to say that I expected more hiccups than I got, so I am a very happy customer. And I have a sackful of memories to last a lifetime.


Chris Brion: TS-M-07 Trans-Mongolian Discovery

All of your arrangements worked perfectly, all the guides were excellent and the hotel locations were really convenient. We had several fellow travellers who had booked with you and all were singing your praises too. The few gribbles with the trains (e.g. five hours no toilets!) were obviously not your fault and were experiences to be laughed about later. This was a brilliant holiday. My only wish list item was a small (50 or 125cc) trail bike for hire at the gher camp. (Faster and safer than horses!)


Vicki and Chris Howard : Trans-Siberian Honeymoon

We can’t rate the trip and HeadsEast highly enough. We had the trip of a lifetime full of adventure and amazing experiences, without the fear factor and anxiety due to the guide book, tour guides and good communication prior to leaving. You really do get the VIP treatment. I felt that HeadsEast took a real interest in us getting the most from our trip and that they went the extra mile to make sure it was the right trip for us and that we knew what to expect every step of the way. Thanks for all your hard work sorting it all out for us

At each stop on our trip we were met by friendly tour guides who whisked us through train stations and airports successfully – which was no mean feat at times! The guides were fantastic – very knowledgable and easy to be around. They were always where they said they would be on time and knew when to hang back a little and let my husband and I imagine we were on our own. The panda volunteering day was a particular highlight, as was the time on the steppe in Mongolia. The accommodation was amazing – just sorry we didn’t stay longer.

The 1st class train cabins were great and staff on board were relatively helpful. However the journey from Irkutsk to Ulan Batar in 2nd was quite difficult! Not least because the staff speak no English and on the whole seem quite stern! But we are still really pleased to have experienced it! Amazing views, it was wonderful watching the change as we traveled further east.

We took this trip for Trans-Siberian honeymoon – it was our once in a life time adventure. The guide book was worth it’s weight in gold – I read it before we left and it was really helpful throughout the trip as a reference with handy tips and phrases. It’s also a really great keepsake so we won’t forget a moment!


Tim and Wendy Jackson : China Hong Kong to Beijing

I wanted to say what an amazing trip we had. Everything was so well organised and went to plan. We had a wonderful time. The guides and drivers were very good. We especially liked Lydia at Guilin and little Kitty Kang at Bejing. She looked after us so well. They were all good. Very reliable and informative. Thank you so much for such a good job. We would happily recommend you at any time. Trying to recover from jet lag at the moment. It was the trip of a life time for us. Thank you again.


Shirley Bouffier: Tailor Made Trans-Siberian

Have only just arrived home but started to tell everyone all about it, really enjoyed every minute. I think you have a great thing going and I am so pleased we chose your company to travel with, some of the other people we met were a bit confused from time to time and we flashed our guide book around quite a bit, particularly on the train with the times and stop names, this helped everyone, not just us! When we said we were going to stay on the train for the changing of the bogie some of our fellow travellers were sceptic and said they couldn’t handle it, as it turned out we all did it and they were amazed and truly glad they had experienced that feat of engineering and precision timing by the workers. Thanks heaps.


Seanna Keeley: Tailor Made Trans-Siberian

Saying excellent does not come close to expressing how amazing this trip was!! It is brilliant, the cities are unique and different at each stop and the scenery along the way is absolutely breathtaking!! I would love to do this trip again as it is the gift that kept on giving!!

The communication when organising and booking the trip was flawless. There is so much help just an email away and no question was too silly to ask as the answer was always very informative. The variety of options to tailor the trip is wonderful and there is an endless amount of additional excursions that can be selected which is wonderful!

It felt reassuring to have someone be there to meet us at each point, answer the questions we had and make sure we were settled in! At each transfer the people were efficient, eager to help and make sure they we were happy and comfortable. The transfer back to the railway station or airport was just as attentive, making sure we got on the train, understood what was happening and when to get off at the next point.

The guides at all points were very helpful, informative and friendly. In particular the guides in Ekaterinburg, Mongolia and Beijing went above and beyond to make sure that we had a fabulous time! We got to forage in forest in Ekaterinburg just for a little something special – magical!!

The accommodation at each stop was wonderful!! All the rooms were very comfortable, the service was great and the location at each point was FANTASTIC!!!!! We were so close to everything and it made it easy at each point to get around. There was great Internet at all the hotels apart from Beijing where it was a bit slow.

We had first class transport for all but one leg of the journey. The trains were so clean and easy to sleep on. The leg that we had second class the bed was very hard which made for less comfort however the ride was smooth and easy and the lumpy bed did not detract from the amazing experience!!

We got a lovely surprise on the Sapsan from St Petersburg to Moscow where we got food and drink included which was not on the itinerary. We also got a meal on the first train from Moscow to Ekaterinburg which was again a lovely surprise!! The trains ran on time, the stops were lovely and exciting and we got to meet some wonderful people on the train. The time on the train was great to relax and recharge after a lot of sightseeing!

My favourite tour was the Asia/Europe Border tour with the Banya at the end of the day and the trip to Nevyansk when we were staying in Ekarerinburg! The touch of getting a certificate and champagne at the border was brilliant! The Banya was a brilliant experience, was very relaxing and exciting at the same time!!!! Going out to a little village was such a wonderful experience, seeing how people live in rural Russia was brilliant!

I will cherish the guidebook forever! It is so unique to have a guidebook with your own name in it and know that it is just for us! So many people on our trip were in awe of the guidebook, they wanted one 🙂 It was so helpful, along the way we could read about what was coming up and we felt confident about the trip the whole way!! Knowing a bit of history before we arrived somewhere was great as well. The language and money guide were brilliant as well!


Graham Griggs: TS-M-04 Essential Trans-Mongolian

The personalised care and prompt response to any questions were impressive.

Every one of the transfers went without any hitch. Guides and cars were there promptly when required. Identification was easy as the signs were prominent and extremely clear.

Each of our three guides was exceptional in their respective ways: highly informative and concerned that our needs were constantly being met. They were not only extremely informed but very interesting when questioned about social or political context.

As manic sight-see-ers we really appreciated the central location and quality of all three hotels.

We took full advantage of the full length of these tours and enjoyed sights within their context that we might have otherwise missed. Having our guide at the Ger camp in Mongolia for the three day duration was an unexpected bonus and much appreciated. Both the Mongolian and Chinese guides were great at arranging theatre experiences; and the former also helped fit in the Ghengis Khan monument tour for us. She even got us inside when the monument was technically closed because of lift failure!

It was an amazing, life-enhancing experience that fully lived up to expectation; and not only for the incredible sights: it was also a unique opportunity to compare how two different communist regimes emerged and adapted. It is not on every holiday that one sees two embalmed former leaders!

Thank you so much for the amazing experience we’ve just had.


Steve Hughes: TS-M-06 Trans-Mongolian Highlights

We booked this holiday for my 50th birthday as it had always been my dream trip. We reviewed many travel companies and this one looked to provide the best value for money and the exact trip we wanted, and I am so glad we did use them, from the start the communication was fantastic and after service second to none, and apart from one incident, which was BAs fault, everything went like clockwork and all the trip locations & guides etc were well thought out to give us the best use of our time. Coincidently some friends of ours booked virtually the same trip in August with another company which cost them more and offered less, they have had no end of hassles and changes, after we showed them our trip they were very annoyed. Thanks to Chris and his team for the outstanding service. Thanks again for the organisation, all went very smoothly.


Sue & Chris Fleckney : Trans-Siberian

The transfers were Excellent, we were met at door of carriage from train, and taken to correct carriage by guide each time – very helpful. Our guides Leana in Moscow and Constantin in Ekaterinburg were outstanding, both going beyond the requirements of guiding and giving us a real perspective on the changes in Russia from Soviet times. Our younger guides, Sasha and Ilya, were both knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

We have only once before used private guides and drivers (always travelling in small groups previously) and we found that we learned so much more travelling this way, as you can follow up questions that interest you and have much deeper discussions about politics, policies, history etc.

The hotels had excellent locations – Hotel Budapest, slightly faded glory but so close to Bolshoi Theatre and and Red Square, Chekhov Boutique convenient for restaurants and town centre (and they gave me a bowl of fruit on my birthday!) and Bolshoi Goloustnoe a good experience of village life – I even learned to love banyas (I hate saunas)

We enjoyed the trip very much, and would certainly consider this type of travelling again.


Swee P. Tan : Tailor Made Trans-Siberian

I have enjoyed the trains ride,scenery, tours, meeting people socialising and spending nights with them. It is such a adventure as you have guessed and meeting the locals as we travelled. Will do it again if I win the lottery. Thank you also for your planning. I treasure the excellent trip guidebook for information. What a brilliant idea to composed in a book which I can show around anytime. It will be my keepsake forever with our names on it, I am so proud to had done the longest train journey in the world.


Suria J Hogarth : Tailor Made Trans-Siberian

It was a memorable trip of a lifetime, very different, and much to reminisce in the future. I have great admiration for you and your partners to have put this together so well, considering the different trains, and their time tables. Would have been mind boggling for me! Not to mention the tour guides who were there to collect and deliver us on time to the trains,and giving us a great insight to the cities we visited. Many thanks.


Ian & Pauline Archer : TS-M-07 Trans-Mongolian Discovery

All the guides were good or better but Konstantin (Ekaterinburg) Uzilma (Ulan Bator) and James Chang (Beijing) were superb. The Accommodation was exactly what we expected – actually possibly better in some cases. Always clean and hospitable. We did like the character and position of the hotels.

The Trip Guidebook is marvellous. It was an invaluable reference book on the trip, a wonderful memento and has impressed all our friends!

If we wished to do similar trips (we do) and you organised them we would have no hesitation in booking them through you and thank you again for your great organisation.


Maxine Lucas : Trans-Mongolian Highlights

Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply.  I don’t seem to have stopped since I’ve been back! I have completed the feedback form, but I thought I would also email to say what a fantastic trip it was. The organisation of everything was so good, and the accommodation almost everywhere was wonderful. The hotels in both Moscow and Beijing were absolutely wonderful, and the Ger Camp was an amazing experience… The guides were also very good.

Thanks again for all your help, patience and question answering before we went, and I would certainly recommend you to anyone, and also come to you myself if I decide to go back to China one day!


Keun Ho Shin : TS-M-07 Trans-Mongolian Discovery

The Trip Guidebook you gave us has been not only such a great help for our trip but also one of the best books period. Thank you so much.


Louisa & Graham Howard: Trans-Siberian Tailor Made

“From the start this company made me feel that all my questions & worries were no problem for them to handle & answer. As I worked with them to design a trip that is as individual as I needed, they kept closely in contact with me at every stage. From my very first call to return home I felt reassured that if any problems and issues occurred, they would always be there to help. In short this company is one of the best I have ever dealt with for delivering on all they promise. Thanks Guys amazing trip.”


Mark Cederholm: Trans-Siberian Vladivostok to Moscow

“You were very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful with special requests. One of the main reasons I chose this travel company. The trip was magnificent. Probably the greatest trip I’ll ever take.”

Click here to view Mark’s photojournal


Kevin O’leary: Tailored Trans-Mongolian

“Hi, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, all a bit crazy work wise since coming back. I filled out the form and submitted, but wanted to write and say thank you for the great service and assistance throughout.

I had a fantastic time and would totally recommend the trip and using your company without any hesitation – in fact already have. Particularly loved Siberia and would love to go back there.

Kind regards,


Phil Haigh: Trans-Mongolian Discovery

“Thanks for a very well organized trip with excellent information. It gave us a very high level of confidence that the trip would go well.

We had a fantastic time, the only down side was we did not have enough time. Siberia in autumn is unbelievably beautiful and we will go back to Lake Baikal.”


Laura Parker – Tailored Trans-Siberian

“We arrived in UB this morning. Love the hotel! We have had a wonderful trans-Siberian experience. All organisation was faultless. Konstantin in Ekaterinburg and Ilya in bolshoe Goloustnoe / Irkutsk were both excellent.

We met up with Anne who was travelling with you from Beijing to Moscow. Small world, she lives 15 minutes walk from us in Tooting!

We are on our own now but the rest of our trip has a lot to live up to. Many thanks again.”


Paul and Kim Lusard – Trans-Mongolian Highlights

“Thanks Chris for being so attentive and helpful, despite my obvious questions and need of reassurance! The booking process was made so easy and even when we had to make a late change due to unforeseen circumstances of our making, you promptly came up with a solution and that left us feeling confident that we could just concentrate on enjoying our trip.

What a trip! It far exceeded our expectations and ran like clockwork with all our guides there to meet us on time as per the itinerary. All the guides were easy to chat with and a special mention must go to Lena who went above and beyond to make us feel welcome.

All in all a once in a lifetime experience that couldn’t have been made possible without the good work of TSTC – keep up the good work and we’ll be in touch about China!”


Priscilla Gray – Tailor Made trip

“I just wanted to write a quick note on top of the feedback form I sent in to say a big thank you to your team for giving us an amazing holiday that will live with us all forever. What a totally unique experience for us and having it all pre-planned left us to enjoy it to the full and we certainly did that! It was all perfect. Many thanks once again!”


Lesley Laughton: Trans-Mongolian Discovery

“Smashing job done by Chris and the team. Can’t wait to go through all the photos we took (had a quick look through on the train entering China but need a long weekend to get through them all properly) Mongolia was a real highlight and the amazing Ger camp, could really get used to living in one of them! The trip guidebook was totally different level to anything we’ve been give before by any other company and gave us something to read as we approached each stop, it was even given the seal of approval by a rather gregarious but friendly Russian who sat next to us one dinner time!

All the best for the future and a big thank you from us all!”


Richard Stidolph & family: Essential Trans-Mongolian

“All the guides spoke excellent English and were very knowledgeable about their respective countries.

Hotel Peter 1 at the end of our trip was particularly good. Going from very basic facilities on the train to 5 star luxury at the end seemed a brilliant way to round off our adventure.

The train journeys were fantastic fun and a great way to taste a little of life in each of the countries we visited. Jumping off the train to buy food became the game of “lucky dip bread” as you were never quite sure what the packages would contain except that they inevitably came with a laugh or two.

What could be better than going somewhere you have never been before in good company. Your trip had the right balance between giving us freedom to do our own thing and enough support to take away any concerns. Thank you.”


Matt Burden – Trans-Mongolian Express

“Let me say that you have been vastly more attentive and informative than the other Trans-Siberian agencies that I have contacted regarding this trip (feel free to use that that as a reference if you chose).”


David Benson: Tailor Made Trans-Siberian

“We are back in home after a fantastic trip….literally a “once in a lifetime experience”. We were very thankful we had all the transfers. Getting to and from the train stations would be very challenging without the assistance of your local guides.

All our tickets, etc. were available at every stop. A great trip and we are very happy we did it.

You were excellent in planning the trip and provided us with great help and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you.”

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