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Trans-Siberian Railway Routes & Railroad Map

There are actually several routes you can take along the Trans-Siberian Railway. Here, on our Trans-Siberian railway map we refer to the main three that are used although there are also branches of these such as the Baikal Amur Mainline often referred to simply as the  BAM. Here we concentrate on the Trans Siberian railway route that you are most likely to travel and which provide the most rewarding experiences along the way.

Trans-Siberian routes map

Trans-Mongolian Railway Map Route

The shortest of the 3 rail routes on our Trans Siberian railroad map is the Trans-Mongolian at 7,621 km (4,735 miles) and runs from Moscow to Beijing. Most people want to at least pass through Mongolia and normally stop there making this the most popular route by far. It also has the most varied scenery. The route can be completed from start to finish in just over 5 days on the Chinese operated Train 3/4. The Russian / Mongolian border at Naushki / Sukhbaatar and the Mongolian / Chinese border at Zamyn-Uud / Erenhot must both be crossed on this route.

The Most Popular Trans-Mongolian Route Trips

Original Trans-Siberian Express Railway Route

Often thought of as the longest train journey in the world (it isn’t strictly but it’s tracks comprise a large amount of the longest) The Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostok is the original Trans Siberian express route and stretches 9,258km (6,152 miles) and takes 7 days. Despite being the “true” Trans-Siberian it is the least popular of the routes as it misses out both Mongolia and China. This route runs the best scheduled train in Russia, the “Rossiya” (train number 2/1). From the home of the Russian Pacific Fleet you can change trains and head to Beijing or take a boat or fly to Japan.

The Most Popular Trans-Siberian Route Trips

Trans-Manchurian Railroad Route

At 8,986 km (5,623 miles) from Moscow to Beijing, the Trans-Manchurian route is the longest that ends in China. However as it misses out Mongolia it is a much less popular Transsiberian railroad route to take than the Trans-Mongolian. It only crosses the one border, crossing from Russia into China or vice versa at Zabaikalsk / Manzhouli and continuing onto Harbin before ending in Beijing. The journey can be done directly in a little over 6 days on the Russian train 19/20. This route is perfect for those wishing to travel in winter as it gives the traveller the opportunity to stop at the spectacular Harbin Ice & Snow Festival.


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